Aira Technologies Selected to Join the 5G Open Innovation Lab Program

Aira has been selected to join the 5G Open Innovation Lab program along with other prominent companies developing 5G and edge computing products and services

Aira Technologies has been selected to join the 5G Open Innovation Lab program, which facilitates collaboration between multi-stage startups, industry partners and investors to develop disruptive 5G and edge computing solutions.

Aira’s vision is to harness Machine Learning (ML) to make every wireless connection, in every transport, more than 10x better. Aira’s base station software improves wireless performance by using proprietary ML models to process contextual information already present in the data flowing through mobile networks. This innovation allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to achieve better coverage and capacity, two key elements impacting the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of mobile networks. A higher performing network offers a stable end user experience even in high variability environments.

“AI and Machine Learning have been instrumental in changing the way image recognition is done today and created many new businesses. In today’s environment where traditional techniques to improve wireless have reached the point of diminishing returns, we see tremendous potential for Aira’s core capabilities in applying ML to wireless”, said Anand Chandrasekher, CEO of Aira.

“We have rapidly become an epicenter for the 5G and edge ecosystem through our unique, collaborative, development-focused program that is driving transformational outcomes in enterprises across multiple industry sectors,” says Jim Brisimitzis, Founder and General Partner of the 5G OI Lab. “Our distinctive model, differentiated from the conventional incubator or accelerator, is the only program globally building a model that directly connects multi-stage startups to global technology platform providers and leading enterprises. Startups that are part of this program will attest that the connections we help forge allow them to advance their innovation and commercialization goals at an unprecedented pace. So, we are delighted to welcome Aira and the latest startups to our program”.

About Aira Technologie

Aira Technologies, an AI software technology startup, was founded in 2019 by wireless industry veterans including CEO Anand Chandrasekher (ex-Intel, ex-Qualcomm) and CTO Dr. Ravikiran Gopalan (ex-Bell Labs, ex-Qualcomm) along with well-known wireless researchers Dr. Pramod Viswanath (Professor, Princeton University) and Dr. Sreeram Kannan (Professor, University of Washington, Seattle). Aira’s vision is to harness machine learning to make every wireless connection, in every transport, more than 10x better. To that end, the company has assembled a team with a rare combination of 5G wireless technology and cutting-edge AI expertise. It is one of the very few companies that can harness the power of Machine Learning to improve wireless communications using real-time data from mobile networks. For more information, visit

About 5G Open Innovation Lab

The 5G Open Innovation Lab is a new global ecosystem model bringing together multi-stage startups, enterprise, industry partners and investors who connect and collaborate to develop disruptive new enterprise technologies and solutions that capitalize on the power of edge computing and 5G. In just two years, the Lab has attracted a roster of world-class corporate and industry partners including Amdocs, Avanade, CNH Industrial, Dell Technologies, Ericsson, F5, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, Spirent, T-Mobile, VMware as well as 87 multi-stage enterprise startups who have collectively raised $1.2B of venture capital. Through the 5G OI Lab’s unique model of collaborative innovation, corporate partners work directly with ecosystem startups to accelerate commercialization through proof of concept, go-to-market, and other engagements and opportunities. For more information, visit

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