Aracari Biosciences Expands to New Headquarters in Irvine, CA

Aracari Biosciences expands to new headquarters in Irvine, California after incubating for 3 years at University Lab Partners, the premier life science incubator in Irvine.

“We are really excited about finding a new home in the Irvine community. We have outgrown the wonderful incubator space at University Lab Partners and now need a larger space to enable expansion of our services. We are experiencing a growing demand from pharmaceutical customers for testing novel drugs and immuno-oncology therapeutics and this move will allow us to expand our customer base,” said Dr. Wes Hatfield, Chairman and Co-founder of Aracari Biosciences.

Located at 3 Mason in Irvine, California, the new facilities will enable the growth of its commercial research collaboration business while continuing the development of new products for meeting customer needs in personalized oncology using its innovative vascularized micro-organ and micro-tumor platforms.

Aracari’s powerful next-generation tools are advancing discovery in immuno-oncology therapies and drug development. The 3D Vascularized Micro-Organ and Micro-Tumor platforms incorporate living, perfused human vasculature to deliver nutrients, drugs, and immune cells into the microenvironment of multiple tissue and tumor types, just as they are delivered in the human body.

“We are very pleased to be staying in the Irvine community where we can tap into a diverse and exceptionally talented workforce,” shares Dr. Chris Hughes, the scientific Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Aracari Biosciences.

“This is exactly why University Lab Partners is so committed to developing the next generation of diverse life science innovators through our educational programming because as companies scale and grow, they need an activated local talent pipeline at-the-ready to support the job creation,” stated Karin Koch, Executive Director of University Lab Partners. “We say it takes a village, but it really takes an ecosystem supporting startups like Aracari Biosciences. It is always bittersweet to graduate companies, but we wouldn’t have a successful community without these alumni – our goal is to prepare them all to leave the nest.”

About Aracari Biosciences, Inc.

Aracari’s mission is to accelerate drug development and tailor treatments to individual patients by using the greater accuracy of its microphysiological platforms to predict drug reactions in humans.

About University Lab Partners

University Lab Partners (ULP) is a premier, nonprofit, wet lab incubator located in Orange County, CA. ULP operates 2 facilities in Irvine and Aliso Viejo, CA. ULP offers highly-equipped wet lab facilities along with the benefits of peer-to-peer interactions among a life science-focused entrepreneurial community.

SOURCE University Lab Partners

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