Bee Content Design Announces an Industry Milestone of $10M in Annual Recurring Income

Over 10,000 Paying Customers, including Amazon, Netflix, Disney, and UNICEF

BEE Content Design, a leading digital content design platform, today announced an industry milestone of $10M in annual recurring revenue. With over 10k paying customers and 6.5 million sessions of its visual content builder across hundreds of SaaS applications, BEE’s financial milestone is a pivotal turning point for the software platform.

In a world where most people work remotely and time is of the essence, BEE helps individuals and teams at 300,000+ businesses, from startups to large brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Disney, create digital content quickly and collaborate effectively. It does so in two ways: with BEE Pro, directly on its website at; and with the BEE Plugin embedded in over 600 software applications that have integrated its visual builders to bring fast, no-code content design to their end users. BEE Plugin’s customers include Iterable, Freshworks, CareerBuilder, LeadSquared, and many more.

“2022 has been a historic year for BEE characterized by transformation, outperformance, and product innovation,” said Massimo Arrigoni, CEO. “As we moved through the year, momentum continued to build in both of our product lines. On the embeddable tool’s side, we see more SaaS companies integrating our visual builders in their software, benefiting from innovative features that they can immediately release to their end users, like the ability to design content directly in mobile view. And BEE Pro – our online design suite – saw a 60% increase in signups (now over 15,000 per month) as we further embraced a product-led growth strategy with a switch to an Enterprise Freemium model.”

A brief timeline of BEE’s growth trajectory:

  • 2014: the first version of our visual builder launches in the fall of 2014, with a product-led growth strategy from day one: posts on Product Hunt & Y Combinator‘s Hacker News bring ~20,000 users to the site in less than 24 hours.
  • 2015: BEE Plugin – our embeddable editor – is launched. It is now embedded in over 600 SaaS businesses.
  • 2016: BEE Pro – an online tool to quickly design emails and landing pages – is launched. It now sees over new 15,000 signups and over 30,000 users per month.
  • 2020: The designer program is launched: 30+ designers from around the world have created over 1,500 unique templates available for free in our email and landing page template catalog.
  • 2021: BEE passes 10,000 paying customers across our products.
  • 2022: switches to the freemium model for BEE Pro, signups increase 60%.
  • August 2022: over 6.5m sessions of BEE’s visual builder across hundreds of applications helping non-technical users design emails, landing pages, and popups.

BEE exists to democratize content design so more people with no coding or design skills can quickly produce high-performing emails, landing pages, pop-ups and other digital content, on their own or collaborating in teams across departments, industries and geographies. New features will be presented at SaaStr Annual 2022, September 13-15, the largest trade show for the software-as-a-service industry, where BEE can be found at booth 265.

About BEE

BEE (BEE Content Design, Inc.), a business unit of Growens (GROW: IM), provides no-code design tools that empower everyone to quickly create content that resonates. BEE’s visual builders are used to design emails, landing pages, one-page sites, pop-ups, and more. They deliver fantastic design flexibility and a great user experience, combining granular control on design elements with handy features like editing content directly in mobile view. BEE’s visual builders are available online (BEE Pro) and embedded in 600+ SaaS applications (BEE Plugin). BEE Pro is used by over 30,000 businesses every month, from small startups to large enterprises such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney, L’Oreal, Bosh, and Unicef. BEE Plugin has been adopted by leading SaaS platforms such as Iterable, Freshworks, Bloomreach,, Splio, CleverTap, and CareerBuilder. For more information, please visit or check out their Youtube channel or Linkedin page.

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