Berkeley’s Software Innovators: Powering the Future from Silicon Valley’s Neighbor

Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Software Companies Revolutionizing Industries from Berkeley’s Tech Scene

AI and Machine Learning Pioneers


Delivering artificial intelligence solutions with speed, MindsDB stands out as a beacon of innovation. It offers an open-source platform that empowers developers to seamlessly integrate machine learning capabilities into their applications, making the future of predictive analytics accessible today.

The New Prospectors of Tech

KoBold Metals

KoBold Metals is redefining mineral exploration with its machine prospector technology. By digitally scanning for cobalt ore locations, KoBold is leading the charge in eco-friendly and efficient mining technologies, proving that the digital and physical worlds can co-exist and thrive.

Reinventing Data Relationships


At the forefront of database management systems, RelationalAI introduces a transformative relational knowledge graph system. This breakthrough technology is reinventing how businesses manage complex data, offering unparalleled insights and efficiency.

Solar Power, Digitalized

Terabase Energy

In the field of renewable energy, Terabase Energy illuminates the path with its web-based tool. This innovation aims to digitalize solar power plants, streamlining processes to accelerate deployment and drive down costs, all while promoting sustainable energy sources.

Securing Digital Frontiers

Elevate Security

Elevate Security offers a proactive defense strategy against insider risks. In an era where data breaches are all too common, their solutions fortify the human element of cybersecurity, safeguarding information from within.

The NFT Community Builders


Highlight is crafting communities in the Web 3.0 space with its no-code toolkit that simplifies the creation and management of NFT-based ecosystems. It’s enabling a new wave of digital interaction and ownership.

Blockchain for Content Creators


Eluvio’s content blockchain technology empowers creators with control over storage, distribution, and monetization. Their platform is a game-changer for digital content at scale, ensuring creators’ rights and revenue streams are protected.

Designing the Future of Electronics


JITX is revolutionizing electronic design by providing it as a service. Their approach streamlines the design process for electronics, making it more accessible and efficient for companies of all sizes.

IoT at Scale


Lexi is pushing the envelope with its Enterprise IoT Platform, enabling businesses to connect and manage their devices with unprecedented ease, driving the Internet of Things towards a more integrated future.

Gaming Meets Advertising


Relentlo is seamlessly integrating product placement into the gaming world, creating a new frontier for advertising where virtual and reality blur, enhancing the gaming experience and marketing strategies alike.

Support for Industry Standards


CIQ stands as a pillar of support for the world’s leading industry-standard software solutions. Their enterprise-grade services ensure that businesses can rely on the backbone of their technology.

Analytic Applications Reimagined


As the real-time data company, Altinity propels enterprises to build innovative analytic applications based on ClickHouse, driving insights and decisions at the speed of business.

Networking for Tomorrow

Nefeli Networks

Nefeli Networks is laying the groundwork for the next generation of network management software, crafting a future where large-scale networks are more agile, robust, and easier to manage than ever before.

Video-First Customer Engagement


With 11Sight’s inbound video call platform, customer engagement and revenue team collaboration are more immediate and personal, bridging the gap between businesses and clients with the click of a button.

A Unified Customer Experience simplifies customer interactions with a digital-first conversational platform. They unify customer service experiences, providing a seamless interface for all customer-related needs.

Berkeley’s vibrant startup ecosystem is bursting with companies pushing the boundaries of software. From AI to IoT, from energy to security, these 15 companies are not just part of the conversation; they’re leading it. With innovative solutions tailored for a myriad of industries, Berkeley’s tech scene is a testament to the transformative power of software.

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