San Diego’s Health Care Innovators: 15 Startups Revolutionizing Patient Care and Wellness

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Health Care Companies Transforming the Industry in San Diego

Turquoise Health: Simplifying Healthcare Finance

  • Website: Turquoise Health
  • Description: Turquoise Health aims to eliminate the financial complexities in healthcare, making costs more transparent and manageable.

ADARx Pharmaceuticals: Pioneering Genetic Medicine

  • Website: ADARx Pharmaceuticals
  • Description: Specializing in mRNA transcript base editing, ADARx Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront of genetic medicine.

Sun Genomics: Personalized Probiotic Solutions

  • Website: Sun Genomics
  • Description: Utilizing AI and whole-genome sequencing, Sun Genomics offers customized probiotic solutions to enhance gut health.

Equip Health: Virtual Support for Eating Disorders

  • Website: Equip Health
  • Description: Equip Health’s virtual program supports families in managing eating disorders from the comfort of their home.

Longboard Pharmaceuticals: Novel Neurological Disease Treatments

  • Website: Longboard Pharmaceuticals
  • Description: Longboard Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing rare neurological disease treatments with optimized pharmacology.

Vessel: Wellness Tracking Made Easy

  • Website: Vessel
  • Description: Vessel offers an at-home wellness tracker to optimize health and wellness conveniently.

RayzeBio: Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer

  • Website: RayzeBio
  • Description: RayzeBio develops targeted radiopharmaceutical drugs, advancing cancer treatment.

Plexium: Revolutionizing Protein Degradation Therapies

  • Website: Plexium
  • Description: With a focus on targeted protein degradation, Plexium is redefining treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Capstan Therapeutics: Cell Engineering for Disease Treatment

  • Website: Capstan Therapeutics
  • Description: Capstan Therapeutics leverages cell engineering to create therapeutics for a variety of diseases.

Pleno: Accelerating Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Website: Pleno
  • Description: Pleno’s biotechnological advances aim to expedite the process of disease diagnosis and treatment.

Concert Health: Integrating Behavioral Health Systems

  • Website: Concert Health
  • Description: Concert Health focuses on creating a cohesive and integrated behavioral health system.

Rejuvenate Bio: Gene Therapy Innovations for Dogs

  • Website: Rejuvenate Bio
  • Description: Specializing in novel gene therapies, Rejuvenate Bio is enhancing the health and longevity of dogs.

Lycia Therapeutics: Advancing Lysosome-Targeting Technology

  • Website: Lycia Therapeutics
  • Description: Lycia Therapeutics develops technology focusing on lysosome-targeting chimeras for various treatments.

1859: Discovering Next-Generation Therapeutics

  • Website: 1859
  • Description: 1859 is committed to the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics.

Expansion Therapeutics: Oral Medicines for RNA-Mediated Diseases

  • Website: Expansion Therapeutics
  • Description: Expansion Therapeutics specializes in developing oral medicines for severe RNA-mediated diseases.

San Diego has become a hub for health care innovation, where each of these 15 companies is making strides in improving patient care and advancing medical technology. From tackling financial complexities in healthcare to developing groundbreaking treatments for rare diseases, these startups represent the forefront of health care evolution in San Diego.

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