Long Beach’s Digital Pioneers: Discovering 15 Innovative Software Companies Transforming the Industry

Exploring the Heart of Software Innovation in Long Beach, California

Tendril: Revolutionizing Sales Engagement

Website: Tendril
Description: Specializing in sales acceleration, Tendril offers an engagement platform with agent-assisted dialing and sales enablement services, streamlining the sales process for businesses.

Momentum IoT: Leading the Way in Telematics

Website: Momentum IoT
Description: Focused on creating advanced telematics products, Momentum IoT brings cutting-edge tracking solutions to small and midsize fleet operations.

eTreem: Innovating Fintech with SaaS Solutions

Website: eTreem
Description: eTreem is at the forefront of Fintech, offering cloud-based accounts receivable automation through its SaaS platform, simplifying financial processes.

Open X: Accelerating Skilled Workforce Development

Website: Open X
Description: Open X is dedicated to workforce skill acceleration, providing educational software solutions to enhance career development and learning.

Rideshine: Redefining Mobile Service Delivery

Website: Rideshine
Description: Rideshine stands out in delivering mobile services efficiently, offering unique solutions that redefine how services reach customers.

Kaarya: Technology Innovation at Its Core

Description: As a technology-based company, Kaarya is making strides in the software industry, bringing innovative solutions to diverse challenges.

Buildr: Bridging the Construction Industry and Cloud Technology

Website: Buildr
Description: Buildr specializes in connecting the job site to the cloud, offering task automation and project closeout solutions for data-driven contractors.

Rebel Space Technologies: Pioneering in Autonomous Threat Recognition

Website: Rebel Space Technologies
Description: This company is building groundbreaking software for autonomous threat recognition, response, and cybersecurity in wireless communication networks.

Rentado: Transforming Landlord-Renter Relationships

Website: Rentado
Description: Rentado offers a secure, mobile, and CRM-linked ecosystem for renters and landlords, facilitating payments, maintenance requests, and social interactions.

GoTOURNEY Inc.: Revolutionizing Youth Sports Software

Website: GoTOURNEY Inc.
Description: Known for its real-time stats delivery in youth basketball, GoTOURNEY Inc. integrates sports software with proprietary systems.

Canappendix™: Seed-to-Send ERP Software for Cannabis Operators

Website: Canappendix™
Description: Canappendix™ provides comprehensive ERP software solutions for cannabis operators, covering everything from seed to delivery.

Productimize: Streamlining eCommerce with Customization Software

Website: Productimize
Description: Productimize specializes in easy-to-integrate product customization software, enhancing eCommerce platforms for a better shopping experience.

TruStrain: Advanced Cannabis Crop Management

Website: TruStrain
Description: TruStrain offers a mobile application for efficient management and tracking of cannabis crops, yields, and deliveries.

Pricimetrics: Expertise in Pricing and Marketing Research

Website: Pricimetrics
Description: Pricimetrics develops software for pricing and marketing research consulting, providing valuable insights for businesses.

Bizns Tool – Subcontractor Construction Software

Website: Bizns Tool
Description: Specializing in subcontractor construction project management, Bizns Tool offers an intuitive platform for managing complex construction projects.

Closing Thoughts:

These 15 companies in Long Beach, California, are not just thriving in their respective industries; they are redefining the very essence of software innovation. From fintech to construction, and telematics to education, they represent the diverse and dynamic spirit of Long Beach’s software community.

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