Innovating Hospitality: San Francisco’s Top 15 Startups Transforming the Industry

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Hospitality Ventures Shaping the Future of Travel and Accommodation in San Francisco

1. Kasa Living

Website: Kasa Living
Description: Revolutionizing the traditional hospitality model, Kasa Living offers flexible accommodations tailored for both business and leisure travelers. Their innovative approach caters to the evolving needs of modern-day guests.

2. Anyplace

Website: Anyplace
Description: Embracing the work-from-anywhere culture, Anyplace is a pioneering housing platform. It’s perfectly aligned with the nomadic lifestyle of digital nomads, offering flexible living solutions across various destinations.

3. Hostfully

Website: Hostfully
Description: Hostfully stands out in the vacation rental market by helping rental companies enhance their revenue and guest experience. Their services are designed to elevate the standard of short-term rentals.

4. Starcity

Website: Starcity
Description: In the heart of expensive cities, Starcity offers innovative coliving options. Their tech-enabled platform addresses the challenge of finding affordable, community-oriented living spaces.

5. Jupe

Website: Jupe
Description: Jupe is at the forefront of housing technology. They specialize in rapidly deployable shelters, providing instant housing solutions on any available land.

6. Properly

Website: Properly
Description: Properly introduces an ultimate turnover tool for vacation rental hosts. Their services streamline the rental process, ensuring exceptional guest experiences.


Description: (formerly automates short-term rental management seamlessly. Their platform is a boon for rental owners looking to streamline operations on booking channels.

8. Cabin

Website: Cabin
Description: Cabin redefines hospitality transportation. They focus on maximizing every moment, awake or asleep, by transforming travel time into a luxury experience.

9. Acme Co.

Website: Acme Co.
Description: Acme Co. is not just a venture capital firm; it’s a catalyst for change. They invest in consumer technology startups, with a special focus on supporting underrepresented founders.

10. VacationRenter

Website: VacationRenter
Description: VacationRenter simplifies the search for the perfect rental. They aggregate options from top sites, offering a one-stop solution for vacation planning.

11. Untrodden

Website: Untrodden
Description: Untrodden is more than a travel platform; it’s an invitation to soulful travel. They curate experiences that awaken the spirit and offer a break from mundane tourism.

12. KYC Hospitality

Website: KYC Hospitality
Description: KYC Hospitality stands as a Global Technology Ecosystem for Hotels. Their SaaS solutions are transforming hotel management and guest experiences.


Description: revolutionizes multi-destination travel planning. Their platform offers smart, effortless ways to design unique travel itineraries.

14. Recharge Labs

Website: Recharge Labs
Description: Recharge Labs offers an ingenious solution for city dwellers and travelers needing a short break. Book luxury hotel rooms by the minute for a quick nap or shower.

15. Atmosfy

Website: Atmosfy
Description: Atmosfy is changing how we discover dining and nightlife. Their platform uses video to bring the best of the culinary and entertainment world to your fingertips.

These 15 startups are not just businesses; they are visionaries redefining the hospitality landscape in San Francisco. From tech-driven accommodations to unique travel experiences, they are setting new standards for the industry.

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