BlissDivorce® Launches Legal Tech Innovation, Disrupting The Traditional Divorce Industry

Following the announcement of the do-it-yourself divorce platform, Silicon Valley-based legal tech startup, Resolution 8 Technologies, the maker of BlissDivorce®, is positioned to shake up the traditional divorce industry with the launch of its proprietary technology. This first and only online Relational Dispute Resolution™ technology enables couples throughout the divorce process to resolve disagreements like division of assets, child custody and spousal support. BlissDivorce has a 100% success rate in helping couples reach a full divorce agreement without attorneys.

While there is easy access to online divorce information and do-it-yourself digital forms, navigating the process and completing the forms is often complicated. When a couple hits a roadblock or disagreement on terms such as child custody or spousal support, most believe their only option is to retain an attorney or a mediator, which could even lead to a court trial. The average divorce in the U.S. costs $26,000 (if it does not end up in a court battle costing even hundreds of thousands of dollars), while BlissDivorce is only $3,700 plus state-required filing fees. BlissDivorce offers a low down payment option of $499 to get started and an installment plan of 4 interest-free payments.

BlissDivorce provides a DIY platform to help couples easily navigate the divorce process and offers proprietary tools to help couples reach complete agreement on even complicated issues like child custody and visitation, alimony, division of financial assets and debts, and personal property. Once the couple agrees on all the divorce terms, BlissDivorce prepares and files the paperwork following their county and state requirements. Couples have the security of knowing that BlissDivorce guarantees 100% satisfaction, so there’s no risk to getting started.

“An Ohio State University study found that the long-term emotional and financial impact of divorce leads to the destruction of 77% of a family’s wealth. A disruption in the industry is necessary because the current process is too expensive, time-consuming and stressful. This leads to a devastating financial and emotional impact on families. Our experience shows most couples can come to a full divorce agreement using our Digital Divorce Mediation™ tools powered by our Relational Dispute Resolution™ Technology to make proposals and compromises. It empowers couples to determine what is fair, instead of attorneys and judges having to intervene,” said Sheila Tan, Co-founder and CMO of BlissDivorce.

To reduce the highly charged negative emotions in the equation and to help couples reach a complete agreement, the BlissDivorce platform provides do-it-yourself Digital Divorce Mediation™ Technology.

Here is how it works:

  • Relational Dispute Resolution™ Technology – BlissDivorce is the only divorce service with proprietary technology to sort out disputes related to child custody, personal possessions, and more. Their algorithms help to identify what’s important to each spouse and where they are willing to compromise, making it easier to resolve disagreements. In most cases, couples resolve their disputes without needing a mediator; however, highly-trained mediators are available at no additional cost if couples hit an impasse.

The BlissDivorce Digital Divorce Mediation tools use three approaches to help couples reach a full divorce agreement with Relational Dispute Resolution tools like the following:

  • Dispute Avoidance – The best way to resolve disputes is to avoid them in the first place. Every part of the BlissDivorce interface–from the wording, to the color scheme to the process flow–has been designed to help couples avoid disagreements. Tips and information at every step help prevent disputes caused by common misperceptions.
  • Resolve Simple Disputes As They Arise – Some disputes, like whether something is community or separate property, occur frequently in divorce. BlissDivorce has developed “expert systems” that help couples resolve these disputes as soon as they come up, to minimize the number of disagreements at the end of the process.
  • Advanced Value Attribution Tools – Some disputes can’t be avoided or resolved at the moment. For these disagreements, BlissDivorce uses “value attribution” tools to help spouses communicate and rank options in terms of importance. Using this information, our technology offers compromises both spouses are usually willing to accept.

With BlissDivorce, it’s finally possible to help couples to reach a complete divorce agreement without attorneys, so they can move on to the next chapter of their lives. For more information, visit

About BlissDivorce®:

BlissDivorce® is a DIY online Digital Divorce Mediation™ Technology platform powered by Relational Dispute Resolution™ tools that helps people reach a complete divorce agreement without the conflict and high cost of attorneys. BlissDivorce prepares all the paperwork and files it with the court after couples use the platform to reach a complete agreement. Our goal is to help people move on with their life without the financial and emotional devastation typically experienced in the traditional divorce system. BlissDivorce is available in California, with plans to expand nationally. For more information, visit

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