Clapself Launches AI-powered Platform for Talent and Enterprises to Thrive in the New Era of Work

Clapself, Inc. today announced the launch of its AI-powered platform with a mission to help professionals and businesses thrive in this new era of work. The platform is aimed at serving professionals worldwide who are seeking a wholesome work-life through freedom of not just the workplace but also work-time and workdays, along with fair remuneration, growth potential, and work satisfaction. The Clapself platform connects these professionals with the US based enterprises who are seeking talent through contract hiring.

Covid pandemic has rejigged the priorities and aspirations of the global workforce. While the future of work is still evolving, it most definitely is flexible, borderless, independent, and entrepreneurial.

“Clapself enables both independent professionals and businesses to adopt the new, more sustainable, rules of engagement, for mutual impact and benefit. Professionals use Clapself’s AI-powered platform to find the best-match work opportunities, and enterprises to find and engage with the pre-vetted global talent,” said Anuj Kanish, Co-founder and CEO of Clapself.

Research suggests that over 90% of the independent consultants proactively choose an independent path and feel greatly satisfied with their choice. Clapself is rooted in the idea of professional freedom. Every professional should have the option to go independent fearlessly and optimize their growth and earning potential.

“The idea of a work-life equilibrium has never been so important for professionals. Over 75% of the world’s workforce prefers working remotely. Our goal is to provide a professional-first platform that helps address the common fears that hold the talent back. Whether it’s the fear of being alone, losing benefits, not finding a project soon enough, or not knowing how to handle certain aspects of the independent consulting engagement. Clapself addresses it all by leveraging the power of both technology and people,” said Ramna Sharma, Co-founder and President of Clapself.

Clapself platform empowers businesses especially the tech startups to find and quickly hire the best of global talent with a few clicks, by eliminating the traditional hurdles of long drawn recruitment process.

About Clapself

Clapself is a platform for independent professionals to engage with enterprises for mutual impact and benefit. The mission of Clapself is to help professionals and enterprises thrive in the new era of work. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Clapself, Inc. is a remote-first organization. To learn more, visit

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