Deep Forest Sciences Enters Into Partnership With Third Rock Ventures for Drug Discovery Machine Learning

Deep Forest Sciences, Inc., a startup that accelerates chemical matter discovery and optimization is partnering with Third Rock Ventures, a leading healthcare venture firm. The partnership will provide Third Rock Ventures’ portfolio companies with unique access to Deep Forest’s scientific expertise and Chiron™ platform, which is a new machine learning toolkit that accelerates drug discovery by building upon the widely used DeepChem open-source project.

“We are excited to partner with Third Rock Ventures. We believe that Chiron can add significant value to drug discovery teams. Our cutting-edge machine learning tools will significantly reduce the time and cost of drug discovery and other ground-breaking scientific research,” remarked Dr. Bharath Ramsundar, Founder and CEO of Deep Forest Sciences.

“This partnership with Deep Forest will allow our incubating companies and portfolio companies to leverage the machine learning methods being developed by Deep Forest Sciences,” said Aaron Arvey, Ph.D., Director of Machine Learning at Third Rock Ventures. “Deep Forest’s platform will enable drug hunters across our portfolio to leverage the latest tools in their pursuit to improve patient lives.”

About Deep Forest Sciences

Dr. Ramsundar is the founder and lead developer of the popular DeepChem open source framework which facilitates the use of AI in drug discovery. Deep Forest Sciences’s Chiron™ platform grew out of his efforts to build the open source foundations of DeepChem into suitable infrastructure for commercial drug discovery efforts. Chiron™ adds proprietary features including scaled infrastructure support and custom scientific foundation models which will enable AI to make headway into the challenging low data settings prevalent in real world drug discovery.


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