Devs United Games Expands Globally Immersive Outdoor Experiences through AR / VR

Korean startup Devs United Games is expanding globally after its successful launch of Real VR Fishing, the highly rated Oculus-delivered outdoor experience game. Real VR Fishing was launched in 2019 and exceeded 110K monthly active users (MAU) as of 2021. Of the users, 96% are outside of Korea – 70% are from North America, the rest are from the United Kingdom, and Japan. The game was featured recently in the Meta ad “Fishing with Dad“, and has been a hit with a diverse audience.

AR / VR has great potential to allow users and creators to positively impact behavior and engage in community building, but so far this potential is underrealized. Devs United Games is publishing games that manifest the team’s values; their games focus on creating resonating experiences, is family oriented, nonviolent, and enjoyable experiences. These experiences allow relaxation, relationship building, and memory creation. Real VR Fishing was launched to emulate the laid-back family-oriented experience of an outdoor excursion.

Building on the success of Real VR Fishing, Devs United Games has plans for many more outdoor experiences that can be shared with friends and family from anywhere around the world. These immersive experiences are enriched by realistic graphics and anti-motion-sickness technology, making the games easy to play and easy to enjoy for all, even those new to the experience. As the AR / VR industry crosses the chasm from early adopters to the general public, Devs United Games’ library of user-friendly games is poised to capture the attention of the widest base of users looking for social interaction and positive experiences.

CEO Mark Choi, who has experiences at LG, Unity, and Facebook/Oculus, is focused on delivering the next generation of experiences that are enjoyable for the whole family. “Our vision is to connect people by creating personally resonating AR / VR experiences. With this vision, we strive to actively engage the user communities and explore future gaming environments. Currently, the team is pioneering creative spaces, where users experience realistic yet relaxing virtual adventures.”

About Devs United Games

Devs United Games is located in Seoul, South Korea. After raising their Series A from Softbank, the team is excited to be preparing platform expansions, and new content launches as they grow into a global AR / VR publisher.


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