DRINKS Introduces The DRINKS.com Podcast: Exploring The Business of Online Alcohol

Key Takeaways:

  • DRINKS, a leading operating system for alcohol e-commerce, unveils The DRINKS.com Podcast: The Business of Alcohol.
  • Hosted by Brandon Amoroso, Founder and President of Electriq, a DRINKS company, the podcast delves into discussions on alcohol e-commerce, marketing strategies, compliance, and more.
  • The inaugural episode features Jessica Kogan, Chief Growth and Experience Officer of Vintage Wine Estates and Founder of Cameron Hughes Wine.

Unveiling Insights into Alcohol E-Commerce:

DRINKS, a pioneering force in the realm of alcohol e-commerce, proudly introduces a new endeavor: The DRINKS.com Podcast: The Business of Alcohol. This podcast provides a platform for engaging conversations about the intricate world of alcohol e-commerce, featuring esteemed guests who share their insights and expertise. Hosted by Brandon Amoroso, Founder and President of Electriq, a DRINKS company, this podcast explores a wide array of topics crucial to the industry’s growth and success.

Navigating the Evolution of Alcohol E-Commerce:

As the fastest-growing segment in the alcohol industry, e-commerce is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with alcoholic beverages. DRINKS has been at the forefront of this transformation, empowering brands and leaders to drive growth and innovation within the space. Zac Brandenberg, DRINKS Co-Founder and CEO, highlights the significance of this podcast by stating, “As alcohol e-commerce starts to rapidly accelerate, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring critical stories and insights to the broader industry, and to people outside the traditional merchant realm, as the opportunity to market alcohol becomes more open than ever.”

A Diverse Array of Perspectives:

The podcast promises to offer a diverse range of perspectives by featuring guests who are making waves in the industry. Amoroso explains, “We’ve lined up an incredible group of guests–founders of top-selling wine and spirits brands, culinary visionaries, and industry outsiders who are challenging the status quo.” Each episode takes a fresh approach to examining the business of alcohol e-commerce, shedding light on various facets of the industry.

Exploring Themes and Insights:

The inaugural episode, available now, kick-starts the podcast with a conversation with Jessica Kogan, Chief Growth and Experience Officer of Vintage Wine Estates and Founder of Cameron Hughes Wine. Throughout the season, listeners can anticipate conversations with prominent figures in the industry, including Joe Megibow, CEO of Bright Cellars; Guillaume Cuvelier, Founder of Svedka, Aviation Gin, and more; Blake Moore, Director of eCommerce at Republic National Distributing Company; Geoffrey Zakarian, American Chef, Restaurateur, and Television Personality; and Michael Bowen, Co-Founder & COO at Speakeasy Co.

Shaping the Future of Alcohol E-Commerce:

The podcast sheds light on the evolving landscape of alcohol e-commerce and its profound impact on various industries. Visionaries like Geoffrey Zakarian emphasize the transformative potential of e-commerce in enhancing consumers’ purchasing choices. Zakarian remarks, “E-commerce is changing how people shop for that perfect bottle of wine for their family dinner or celebration with friends, and in doing so, shaping the way people experience mealtime at home.”

Accessing the Podcast:

New episodes of The DRINKS.com Podcast will be available weekly on Thursdays, providing listeners with a deep dive into the world of alcohol e-commerce. The podcast can be accessed on major podcast streaming platforms and YouTube.

About DRINKS: Pioneering Alcohol E-Commerce:

DRINKS serves as a trailblazer in the realm of alcohol e-commerce, offering an innovative operating system that facilitates seamless online transactions. With a focus on eliminating traditional barriers and streamlining the purchase process, DRINKS empowers retailers, online marketplaces, and alcohol companies to navigate the complexities of the alcohol market. The company’s dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience is reflected in its use of AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision to offer personalized shopping experiences and data-driven insights.

Fostering a Dynamic Industry:

DRINKS’ contributions extend beyond technological innovation; they also encompass professional services through Electriq, the company’s Shopify Plus Certified team. This team harnesses its expertise to craft superior customer journeys, enhancing the intersection of beverage alcohol and e-commerce. Recognized for its excellence, DRINKS has earned distinctions such as being named a Top Place to Work by Built In LA and America’s Best Startup Employers by Forbes.

A Vision for the Future:

The launch of The DRINKS.com Podcast underscores DRINKS’ commitment to fostering dialogue and knowledge-sharing within the alcohol e-commerce sector. By providing a platform for industry leaders and visionaries, DRINKS contributes to the ongoing evolution and growth of this dynamic and transformative industry.

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