EverCharge Accelerates U.S. Growth With Key Executive Hires

Leading EV charging solution platform company builds momentum post-SK E&S acquisition

EverCharge, a leading solution provider of power-managed EV charging equipment, has appointed John Lin as Senior Vice President of Sales and Jeffrey Kinsley as Vice President of Engineering. Both leadership positions will support the company’s accelerating operation following the recent acquisition by SK E&S, a global leader in clean energy solutions and renewable investments in the U.S.

“EverCharge has significant experience in delivering on our mission of enabling widespread adoption of electric vehicles,” said Jason Appelbaum, Founder & CEO of EverCharge. “Through their proven backgrounds, John and Jeffrey will be invaluable additions to our team as we expand rapidly to meet market demand and introduce new products.”

Founded in 2013, EverCharge is a fully integrated EV charging solutions provider specializing in dynamic load management technology serving multi-family, workplace, and commercial fleet applications. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., EverCharge’s SmartPower technology enables sites to install 5-10x more electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs) while lowering total deployment costs by minimizing or avoiding costly electrical infrastructure upgrades. Earlier this year, SK E&S announced that it would finance SK E&S Americas with $400 million to invest in energy solutions businesses in the U.S., which was used to acquire EverCharge and to make additional investments in the energy solution sector.

John Lin joins EverCharge with over 20 years of sales leadership experience for multi-billion dollar companies and growth-phase startups. He was instrumental in the growth of many venture-backed companies, including Enlighted, Bidgely, Presto, GridX, and Control4, and helped transform them into category leaders in their respective spaces. Before his startup run, John spent ten years in the computer OEM/ODM sector, where he held executive management roles with First International Computer and Everex.

Jeffrey Kinsey is an engineering executive with over 20 years of experience in large tech companies and innovative startups. He has worked in the EV charging industry for the last three years, and before that, he led the product development of complex hardware products like AR glasses, computer vision, and game streaming. Jeffrey spent most of his early career at Microsoft, including shipping Windows and Xbox Kinect.

EverCharge plans to continue expanding engineering and sales teams to introduce new product lines and services to meet growing market demand.

About EverCharge

EverCharge is a nationwide solution provider of power-managed EV charging equipment designed to scale EV charging as needed at the lowest possible cost. Specializing in multi-family and fleet applications. EverCharge offers its customers an easy and efficient way to bring EV charging into their property while leveraging the existing electrical infrastructure, providing more EV charging while preventing expensive utility upgrades. EverCharge’s SmartPower technology maximizes the number of electric vehicles that can charge at any given time and eliminates other barriers like data connectivity—powered by EverCharge’s unmatched installation expertise making its vertically integrated approach the most cost-effective way to provide EV charging. EverCharge was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit

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