Frazy Launches the World’s First ‘Make Your Own Mocktail’ Where Customers Can Earn Royalties

Frazy is the online beverage startup that ships custom, ready-to-drink beverages – including coffees, teas, bobas and mocktails – in personalized frozen cups. The custom beverages are made by real cafes, boba shops and beverage artists and shipped to customers with their names printed on them so they can enjoy their favorite drinks anytime at home. They are ready to drink without anything to add. Just thaw or microwave the frozen cups and enjoy!

Make Your Own Mocktail

Frazy just launched a new “Make Your Own Mocktail” option where customers can now visit and create and name their own signature mocktail AND earn royalties for their creation! Just choose as many or as few ingredients including syrups, mixers, seasonings and garnishes and the Frazy team will review and publish it to the Community Recipes collection so that others can view it. Frazy beverage artists will make your personalized drink to your specific instructions and ship it to your doorstep in frozen Frazy cups. As an added bonus, customers can earn $1 in Frazy credits whenever someone orders your signature mocktail online.

A Perfect Holiday Gift

“Frazy is the new way to send a thoughtful, completely customizable gift to your favorite co-workers, family and friends – a ready-to-drink coffee, tea, boba or mocktail made exactly to their taste by real cafes, boba shops and beverage artists shipped right to their doorstep,” said Balaji Krishnan, Founder and CEO of Frazy. “Simply go to and choose a gift amount of your choice. Your recipient(s) will receive an e-gift card for any amount at any value you choose ($30, $50, $100+, etc.) so they can create their favorite beverages from hundreds of flavor options and customize them to their taste.”

For more information about Frazy, visit or on Instagram @getfrazy. This holiday season and beyond: Drink modern, get Frazy.

About Frazy

Frazy is the world’s first online beverage store that ships custom, ready-to-drink beverages in frozen cups nationwide. It was founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneur Balaji Krishnan and is based in San Jose, California. Frazy is the modern way to drink your favorite beverages and is revolutionizing the ready-to-drink beverage market with its virtual store that ships customized drinks to your door. Frazy currently offers coffees, teas, bobas and mocktails in hundreds of flavors that customers can further customize to their taste. The drinks come in frozen cups so the quality and freshness are retained. Simply thaw the drinks and enjoy them at home, anytime! Frazy is bringing access to the quality, custom beverages made by real cafes, boba shops and beverage artists right inside your own freezer. For more information on Frazy visit


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