Halen Technologies Opens its Security Token Offering on Akemona

Akemona, a funding portal and asset tokenization platform, announced the launch of the Halen Technologies Security Token Offering (STO) on the Akemona portal. To learn more about the Halen STO, please visit

Halen Technologies is building a community-based super app to integrate the world of shared services for seamless flight booking, ridesharing, vacation rental booking, retail, and food delivery. Halen’s app is a one-stop-shop that does not depend on any of its competitors for services.

Anchored by a franchise business model, Halen offers a user-friendly super app serving as a single portal to a wide range of shared services.

Edward Mbeche, CEO of Halen Technologies, stated, “Halen’s business model empowers users to combine all their rideshare, flight booking, vacation rental, grocery, restaurant, and retail mobile delivery into a single app, eliminating the need to store payment and personal data across multiple apps.” It streamlines processes for gig economy workers, who currently drive for multiple apps. By optimizing trips for multiple services, it brings down the cost of using these services for customers. By using a single platform, consumers of these services experience improved security and time savings. Halen establishes relationships with restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, and other service providers.

Halen Technologies is introducing the “Halen Reward” token ($HALN), which is a social utility token. This token enables people in the Halen network to leverage the strength of web3 to enhance shared services, encourage customer loyalty and network participation. $HALN tokens are used to denote appreciation among network participants as non-monetary rewards. Consumers and providers can transfer these social tokens among themselves to reward one another. The unique feature here is that Halen app users may earn $HALN tokens when they excel in providing their service. Providers too may reward their customers for their loyalty. The Halen app will have an integrated wallet to enable users to receive, store and transfer these tokens. Halen Technologies may track the volume and direction of movement of these social tokens to measure the strength of social relationships and customer loyalty in the Halen network.

Halen’s benefits, achievements and recognitions are evidenced in the following:

  • Halen was awarded $100K by Google for Startups Cloud Program.
  • Halen received a $1 Million award from KiwiTech – A strategic technology partner.
  • Investors consider Halen’s franchise model as more likely to succeed than other business models.
  • Halen co-founders include senior startup and brand management leaders.
  • The Halen super app offers multiple services in a $1.5 trillion immediately addressable market.
  • There are already more than 4,500 drivers and 800 clients wait-listed.
  • Drivers improve their earnings by lowering their wait times between rideshares and deliveries using one super app.
  • Halen has a Zero-Emission Vehicle Program for drivers with fully electric vehicles. These drivers receive cash incentives.

Halen’s mission is to provide its customers unmatched convenience through unique, all-inclusive service offerings and business solutions that reach beyond customer and partner expectations. Halen plans to achieve its mission through deep relationships and partnerships with service providers.

Under SEC Regulation Crowdfunding, investments in Halen Technologies are open to the public, both accredited and non-accredited investors. Welcoming this news, Marina Mataraga, Founding Partner of Akemona, said, “We took pains to make the Akemona platform easy to use. On the Akemona website investors familiar with traditional online shopping can setup their account to make investments and receive corresponding securities upon settlement.” Currently, Akemona allows payments through ACH, credit card and wire transfers. Investors comfortable with a digital wallet can register their wallet to receive blockchain tokens. Ravi Srivastava, CEO of Akemona, added, “Unlike cryptocurrencies, security tokens are an investment contract between a company and its investors.” Blockchain-based digital securities offer direct ownership of the tokens purchased, transparency of transactions, and ability to trade directly with interested buyers.

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