Hightouch Named to 5th Annual Enterprise Tech 30 List Presented by Wing Venture Capital

Hightouch, the leading Data Activation platform, today announced it has been named to the fifth annual Enterprise Tech 30—a definitive list of the most promising, private enterprise tech companies across all stages of maturity. Hightouch ranks number four on the list of the ten companies in the mid-stage category.

The Enterprise Tech 30 brings to light the Enterprise startups who have the most potential to meaningfully shift how enterprises operate for the better. Companies are inducted into the elite community through a selection-only process based on a successful background and substantial reach in enterprise technology. Nearly 600 venture-backed private enterprise tech companies across various stages were considered in the two-phase process by 96 Venture capitalists and 27 Corporate Development teams. Inductees to the ET30 are on a fast track of growth to change how business is done and are expected to be future IPOs and multi-billion dollar exits.

The companies are categorized by total capital raised. The Giga stage includes companies that have raised $1 billion or more; early-stage includes companies that have raised $35 million or less; mid-stage from $35 million to $150 million; and late-stage includes $150 million or more.

In 2022, Hightouch experienced remarkable growth and established itself as the go-to product for data activation at enterprises and start-ups alike. Hightouch built on its core Reverse ETL product line and introduced a groundbreaking new suite of features called Customer Studio to democratize access to the data warehouse. The team is pioneering a new architecture for Customer Data Platforms (CDP) called a Composable CDP. This approach enables any company to execute highly targeted and personalized marketing, sales, or support – with a near-zero implementation time. This advancement enables companies to move at record pace and unlock the full potential of their cloud investments to drive hyper-personalized customer journeys. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional value and a customer-centric mindset, Hightouch expanded its customer base to include leading organizations such as Warner Music Group, Chime,, and more. Additionally, strategic partnerships were formed with key cloud providers like Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon, and Google.

Reflecting on the company’s achievements, Tejas Manohar, Co-CEO of Hightouch, expressed, “2022 has been a transformative year for Hightouch, marked by our unwavering dedication to empowering marketing teams and businesses with the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their data.” Kashish Gupta, Co-CEO of Hightouch, added “We are thrilled to have witnessed rapid growth in our customer base and the realization of our vision for the new era of CDPs. We remain committed to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to our customers in the years to come.”

“Wing’s Enterprise Tech 30 list recognizes the most promising private, venture-back companies. These companies are leaders in their category, driving the change and innovation in the marketplace today to meet the needs of tomorrow,” said Peter Wagner, Founding Partner at Wing Venture Capital and founder of the Enterprise Tech 30. “Congratulations to all of the listees—they serve as the backbone of how businesses operate and are paving the way for business transformation.”

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About the ET30

The Enterprise Tech 30 List, facilitated by Wing Venture Capital, definitively names the top 40 most promising private companies in enterprise technology, as determined by leading venture capitalists in the sector. It shares the knowledge of the venture capital and corporate development communities to determine which Enterprise startups have the most potential to meaningfully shift how tech enterprises operate for the better.

About Hightouch

Hightouch is a leading provider of Data Activation and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, enabling marketing and data teams to activate customer data directly from their data warehouse to over 150+ destinations like ad platforms and CRMs. Hightouch is used by leading organizations like, Spotify, TripAdvisor and GameStop to unlock a fast, flexible, and scalable CDP alternative by enabling them to activate audiences and other customer data points directly from their organization’s single source of truth – the data warehouse out to the many business tools it is needed in.

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About Wing Venture Capital

Founded in 2013, Wing works with ambitious founders to enable the AI-first transformation of business. We invest early, before it’s obvious, leading Seed and Series A financings and engaging deeply with our signature company-building skills and resources. The current Wing portfolio includes some of today’s most important enterprise technology companies such as Snowflake, Cohesity, Pinecone, and Gong.

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