Incode Kicks Off 2023 in Leadership Position, with Groundbreaking Momentum and Worldwide Expansion

Incode Technologies Inc., the next-generation identity verification and authentication platform for global enterprises, today announced its momentous year and leadership position entering 2023. With a record-breaking expansion of alliances and use cases that will revolutionize industries through biometric technologies, Incode’s innovative product advancements pushed the envelope in 2022, and industry accolades underscored the company’s successes throughout the year.

Recent Partnerships Across the Globe Incite an Army of Innovators

Incode’s Identity Verification and Biometric Authentication Platform reinvents the way humans verify and authenticate their identity through a simple, secure and fast AI-based platform. In 2022, Incode joined forces with the industry’s top trailblazers to expand solution use across several key industries. In addition to bolstering Incode’s global presence, the company is also becoming a titan of industries with its recent partnership with Hoteza, the smart hotel communication systems provider, which will allow customers a seamless Self-Check-In journey before even arriving at their hotel. Incode is disrupting the transportation and mobility industry with its leading identity verification solutions tackling the early adopter gig economy space.  Using Incode’s one-of-a-kind biometric authentication technology, passengers can now validate their identity through a selfie, which instantly verifies the correspondence between the photo and the official documentation. To top it off, Incode is joining forces with Sardine, which is on a mission to make payments instant, global, and risk-free, and provides industry-leading fraud solutions for financial services.

“We are thrilled to be working with this roster of incredible partners, bringing next-gen identity verification and authentication solutions to the world’s most innovative leaders in a multitude of key industries,” said Ricardo Amper, Incode CEO and Founder. “Through our collaborative efforts and creative conversations, Incode will be able to integrate seamless customer experiences across all verticals on a global scale, allowing us to further our mission: mapping together the identity of humankind.”

Top Professional Football Division in Mexico Adopts Incode “Fan ID” to Transform Stadium Experience

Ahead of the World Cup, Incode announced in November that LIGA MX will implement the company’s advanced identity verification technology, FAN ID, across all stadiums in Mexico. FAN ID will help ensure stadiums are safe spaces for fans and families and will create more connected, seamless experiences across the entire stadium.

With Incode’s technology, LIGA MX will:

  • Onboard more than 5 million fans
  • Process 50,000 people per game
  • Authenticate a fan in less than five seconds
  • Implement Incode’s technology across 35 teams in more than 30 stadiums and at more than 400 games annually

“We are thrilled and honored to be selected to implement FAN ID across stadiums in Mexico for LIGA MX,” Ricardo continued. “Not only is this a win for Incode and our strategic efforts to expand our solution use and adoption across the globe, but this is more importantly a win for fans everywhere. With top-of-the-line security and privacy in mind, fans will have peace of mind knowing that they can enjoy the event in a facility secured by industry-leading technology.”

Incode Workflows Accelerates Customer Experience and Maximizes Conversion

In October of 2022, Incode continued to disrupt the identity space with the launch of Incode Workflows, the platform’s latest feature built to provide users with instant, dynamic, and frictionless onboarding experiences. This advanced functionality allows businesses to tailor consumer experiences based on risk level, stopping fraud, and maximizing time to revenue.

Simple to deploy, Incode’s highly customizable Workflows enhances the Incode Omni platform with the ability to:

  • Optimize flows with conditional logic and business rules
  • Define the order of each step in the user experience
  • Obtain real-time risk signals according to defined business rules
  • Orchestrate user flows using no-code capabilities that work across devices and platforms
  • Get insights through analytics and reporting capabilities

Incode Continues Iterating on Know Your Business (KYB) to Instill Highest Levels of Trust for Regulated Entities

Incode’s KYB Business Verification empowers financial institutions and other regulated entities to protect their assets with a safer, faster, reliable and automated solution. Trusted by global corporations, Incode’s KYB is a privacy-centric, highly scalable solution that enables organizations to confirm the legal status of potential clients in a compliant way with regulations in force. Providing excellent speed and accuracy, in addition to unbeatable levels of trust, Incode’s KYB offers:

  • Automation fueled by Incode-developed CORE technology, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data extraction, and natural language processing.
  • Real-time pass or fail results for the identification of companies, legal representatives/ authorized individuals, and their Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).
  • Global coverage to catch terrorists and other sanctioned businesses and UBOs anywhere in the world.
  • Truly end-to-end digital experience including individual verification, business verification, and bank account verification.
  • Accelerated business onboarding with dynamic workflows, based on conditional logic and business rules.

The automated solution speeds up onboarding experiences by five times and reduces fraud attempts by 99%, further propelling Incode’s innovation in product development and expansion of capabilities.

Industry Accolades Solidify Incode’s Position as Leader in Identity Verification, Forecast Future Triumph

Stemming from a year of monumental growth in partnerships, customers, use cases, and capabilities, Incode received the Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business, and was named 2022 Startup of the Year. CEO and Founder, Ricardo Amper, was also named 2022 Executive of the Year.

“We are so proud to have our company and leadership team recognized with the BIG Awards for Business,” said Ricardo Amper. “It’s an honor to see the hard work and dedication culminate into this prestigious recognition.”

Success Pitchers also recognized Incode as one of the Most Trusted IAM Solution Providers of the Year for 2022 for “globally revolutionizing security, user experience, and regulation for identity verification and authentication.” These accolades are a true testament to not only Incode’s innovation and hunger to achieve new heights, but also Amper’s dedication and fearless leadership driving the future of the biometric authentication revolution.

Looking ahead, Amper and Incode will continue to contribute insightful thought leadership and commentary on the security and identity fraud industries through the Wall Street Journal CEO Council, which encourages meaningful conversation between some of the world’s most influential decision makers.

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About Incode

Incode is the leading provider of world-class identity solutions that is reinventing the way humans authenticate and verify their identity to power a world of digital trust. Incode’s innovative identity solutions enable the world’s largest financial institutions, governments, retailers, hospitality companies, gaming, and other industries to unleash their business potential and reduce fraud, elevating human interactions with data, products, and services – at all levels.


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