Jurny Introduces Industry-First All-in-One Management Operating System

Eyeing rapid growth in demand for this hospitality category and a need for connectivity and automation, Jurny’s fully-integrated tech stack combines AI, Smart Hardware, and 24/7 Human Support with the goal of becoming the leading provider for this new burgeoning hospitality trend

Jurny, Inc., a hospitality tech company with the mission of democratizing technology by making complex and powerful tools easily accessible to hosts and guests around the world–announces today Jurny MOS, its own all-in-one Management Operating System to consolidate the tech stack and operations of boutique hotels and short term rentals.

“Independent hotel and short-term rental operators face a maze of incomplete tech solutions, all of which have made developing a proper tech stack increasingly more expensive and difficult, to the point that is only available to a few larger, well capitalized, players in the space,” said Jurny Co-founder and CEO Luca Zambello. “Today ends that challenge with the official launch of Jurny MOS–an all-in-one, vertically integrated solution purpose-built to the needs of these hospitality providers. Instead of piecemealing together or developing proprietary solutions, they can focus instead on putting their guests’ experiences front and center.”

The Jurny MOS platform brings together all the features of a PMS plus AI pricing, smart access control, a noise sensor dashboard, guest verification, messaging, channel management, cleaning and maintenance, online reputation tracking, and more all-in-one system, all-in-one dashboard. Jurny MOS Pro provides additional services including access to a team of professionals who can help manage accounting, distribution optimization, revenue management and provide 24/7 virtual front desk and inquiry support.

The entire back office operations are thus easily accessible and centralized in one dashboard, while the same conveniences are extended to guests with the cutting-edge Jurny mobile app, automating guests’ entire stay. Room temperature control, opening and closing doors, customer support chat, accessing check-in information, amenities, extending bookings, and even local recommendations are made available right from the app.

“Jurny’s vision of tech-first, on-demand hospitality deeply resonates with us,” said Nils Mattisson, CEO and co-founder of Minut, a home-security startup and Jurny partner. “We’re proud to partner with Jurny to integrate privacy-first insight to their properties. Their MOS is the most sophisticated automation solution available. Together, we’re making short-term rentals more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable.”

Jurny relied on its experience as a former management company that scaled from 1 to 300 units, understanding well the pain and countless development hours required for operators to use and connect available solutions, only to be disappointed and stuck with inefficiencies. Launched first in 2017 as an operator for independent hotels and short term rentals, Jurny built an early software version as a proof of concept. The company has since raised $12.5 million, led by Mucker Capital and Okapi Venture Capital, expanding and demonstrating triple-digit growth year over year.

“Jurny developed an unparalleled tech solution to address the most common barriers for operators: hardware, cost and ease-of-use,” said AirBnB superhost Max Khazanov, owner of The Vibe in Nashville. “Our experience with Jurny MOS has reinforced Jurny’s deep understanding of operators’ pain points and has underscored its dedication to hospitality tech’s future.”

For more information on this complete hospitality solution including the Jurny MOS and MOS Pro, visit To start finding efficiencies and raising revenues through elevated guest experiences, contact [email protected] for a complimentary property assessment.

About Jurny:

Jurny is a hospitality tech company with the mission of democratizing technology, by making complex and powerful tools easily accessible to hosts and guests around the world. Jurny MOS (Management Operating System) is the industry’s first vertically integrated system for hotel and short-term rental operators to consolidate all apps, fees, and providers in one place. Not only does this enhance operator visibility via easy-to-use dashboards, but the same connectedness is available to guests via a mobile app for a fully automated stay. Jurny’s one-stop solution takes property operations and guest experience to the next level, resulting in flawless operations and increased profits. Jurny is pioneering a hospitality revolution defined by tech-first, on-demand hospitality. For more information, please visit, and join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook  and LinkedIn.

*Data provided by Jurny clients before and after implementation of Jurny MOS. Industry standards and goals are subject to change but are available here.

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