Kinoo Launches the Kinoo Magic Wand™ Kickstarter Campaign

The Kinoo Magic Wandis a connected smart device for independent and family play for young learners (ages 2–7)

Kinoo today announced the launch of the Kinoo Magic Wand™ Kickstarter campaign. Kinoo’s starter kit consists of the Kinoo Magic Wand™, “Move and Master” activity books, posters and stickers, and the Kinoo Magic™ parent app (iOS and Android). Also available for download is Kinoo Connect, an iOS video chat app for remote family co-play games.

Watch “Magic of Movement” by Kinoo here.

The Kinoo Magic Wand™ (MSRP $99) is open for contribution on Kickstarter by backers at $79 per unit, $129 for a twin pack, and $499 for a bulk pack of 8 units.

The Kinoo Magic Wand™ is a screenless smart device and learning companion for children’s independent and family play. This 4″ wand features three illuminated smart bulbs and a speaker to produce light, color, and sound cues that guide children through the engaging movement-based games and activities illustrated in the “Move and Master” activity books, posters, and stickers. These visual aids lead children and families through the wand’s music; letters, phonics, and reading; numbers, counting and math; geography; and life skills activities – creativity, collaboration, curiosity, critical thinking, and more. The Kinoo Magic Wand™ delivers movement prompts to improve learning comprehension and retention.

Parents use the Kinoo Magic™ app to customize their wands by downloading new content and activities from an expanding library, to bring existing already-in-home, paper books to life. Children may also use their wand with the Kinoo Connect app to play collaborative, curated games while video chatting with remote family members.

Founded by Jim Marggraff, creator of the LeapFrog® LeapPad™ Learning System, Kinoo is dedicated to creating the best possible future for children, their families, and our world through connection, play, and learning. The Kinoo Magic Wand™ and its learning activities are backed by research on the synergy of learning and movement.

“Brain research has validated ‘physical movement’ as a powerful accelerant to learning and development for kids when coupled with visual and auditory learning modalities,” said Jim Marggraff, CEO and Founder of Kinoo. “While screen time has become a part of everyday parenting and education, it has reduced the time kids spend actively engaging and socializing. Kinoo was founded to combine leading edge technologies with developmental research to produce breakthroughs in learning for all children.” Activities on the Kinoo Magic Wand™ are designed to naturally enhance a child’s numeracy, and 21st century skills that are the new foundation for success in life.

To celebrate the launch and pre-order of the Kinoo Magic Wand™, Kinoo is hosting the Kinoo Magic Wand Contest for a family to win a free trip to Los Angeles, CA and have a starring role in Kinoo’s 2023 commercial campaign.

To pre-order the Kinoo Magic Wand™, please visit the Kickstarter.

To learn more about Kinoo and the Kinoo Magic Wand Contest, please visit the company website. To access the media kit/assets, please click here.


Kinoo’s prioritization of movement is backed by research that indicates that physical activity—coupled with learning activities—is an essential component to early childhood development, especially as human activity and exercise has declined from factors including the Covid-19 pandemic and widespread overuse of technology in daily routines. Ninety percent of the human brain and IQ are developed by the time a child is five years old[1], making these years a critical period that sets the foundation for the rest of their lives. Movement and aerobic motion have also been shown to improve the cognitive and emotional function of humans by increasing engagement, energy and focus – all vital components to a young child’s early development[2].


Kinoo is a groundbreaking tool for strengthening child development. Kinoo’s patented technology, and the patented Kinoo Magic Wand™ (that brings motion into gameplay), allows children to develop essential academic and life skills through game-based learning activities both on their own, and collaboratively, with loved ones over video chat. Kinoo’s collaborative learning app, Kinoo Connect, is designed for children and their remote loved ones to play and learn together, enhancing the way family members connect across long distances.

Kinoo was founded by a team of technology, child research, and health tech experts, led by Jim Marggraff, creator of the transformational, award-winning LeapPad Learning System. Kinoo is available for purchase on the company’s Kickstarter page. To date, Kinoo has raised twenty million dollars from investors, including Learn Capital, Galaxy Interactive, and Rotary startup investors in addition to angel investors such as well-known life and business strategist Tony Robbins.

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