L.A.’s Lifestyle Pioneers: Innovating Daily Life in the City of Angels

From Fashion to Tech: Exploring 15 Startups Elevating the L.A. Lifestyle Scene

The vibrant city of Los Angeles is not just a hub for the film and entertainment industry; it’s also a burgeoning ground for lifestyle startups that are redefining how we live, shop, and stay healthy. Let’s dive into 15 companies that are making waves in the L.A. lifestyle sector.

Sipping with Style: Bev’s Wine Revolution

Bev is challenging the status quo with its dry, rosé wine offerings, designed to fit the modern drinker’s palate and lifestyle. Find out more about their refreshing approach at

Sound of Innovation: Zungle’s Wearable Tech

Zungle isn’t just about looks; these sunglasses come with a built-in bone conduction speaker and a noise-cancelling mic, adding a soundtrack to your sunny days. Experience the sound of innovation at

Investing with Impact: EarnWell’s Conscious Capital

EarnWell, Inc has created a mobile app that’s more than just an investing platform—it’s a way for users to ensure their investments reflect their values. Check out their mission at

Global Fashion Curated: Wanderset’s Eclectic Collection

Wanderset aims to be the ultimate destination for eclectic fashion enthusiasts around the world. Discover global style at

Dreamy Innovations: Pluto’s Custom Comfort

Pluto is dedicated to enhancing your sleep through customized products and experiences. Visit for your best night’s sleep.

The Traveler’s Companion: Neweex’s Ultimate Bag

Neweex has designed a backpack with over 20 compartments, making it the ultimate accessory for lifestyle and travel. Pack smart with

Sustainable Style: Shoobilee’s Shoe Subscription

Shoobilee offers a unique approach to fashion and sustainability with its unlimited shoe subscription service. Step into their world at

Fashion’s Launchpad: Project Fly’s Runway Dream

Project Fly provides a platform for fashion runway shows and discovery, spotlighting new talent. Take flight with fashion at

Beauty in Ritual: Skin Gym’s Natural Tools

Skin Gym offers beauty tools that go beyond the surface, integrating crystal facial massage rollers for a holistic beauty regimen. Roll into natural beauty at

Personalized City Guides: Chuz’s Adaptive Recommendations

Chuz replaces impersonal reviews with a data-driven software that adapts to recommend the best spots for dining and lifestyle activities. Tailor your city adventure at

Home Decor with a Twist: Jungalow’s Wild Designs

Jungalow brings a burst of life to home decor with its ‘jungalicious’ design goods. Infuse your space with creativity at

Dressing Up Dreams: Mark & Roberts’ Fashion Forward

Mark & Roberts offers a range of fashion apparel, from maxi to cocktail dresses, for those looking to make a statement. Dress to impress at

Community Taste-Making: Crityk’s Social Food Platform

Crityk is a community platform where food lovers can discover, review, and share their favorite eats. Join the community at

Content with a Purpose: Raze’s Digital Storytelling

Raze is carving a niche in digital media with its production company focused on storytelling with an edge. Tune into creative content at

Kinetic Wellness: KINRGY’s Integrated Platform

KINRGY is a comprehensive wellness platform that encourages mental and physical fitness through an integrative approach. Energize your routine at

This roundup of L.A.’s lifestyle startups showcases the innovative spirit thriving in the city. Each company is reimagining aspects of everyday life, from the way we exercise and sleep to how we express ourselves through fashion and tech. Their diverse approaches are united by a common thread: the drive to enhance our lifestyle in the bustling heart of Los Angeles.

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