Legal Tech Start-up, BlissDivorce®, Experiences Significant Rise Immediately After the Holidays

Following the launch of the Silicon Valley-based legal tech startup, Resolution 8 Technologies, the maker of BlissDivorce®, announces a substantial increase in site traffic and urgency to start the divorce process in January, better known to many legal experts as “Divorce Month.” BlissDivorce® is shaking up the traditional divorce process. The newly launched proprietary Digital Divorce Mediation™ technology has proven to have a 100% success rate in helping couples come to a complete divorce agreement without attorneys involved. Reasons can vary, but many credit that the thinking of hope in a new year will bring new beginnings and a fresh start.

“Within my practice, I typically see a rise of filings by about 30% during the first couple months of the year. Examining divorce rate trends and after 30 years of practicing as a family law attorney, the psychological effects of the new year, and the nature of the holiday season, we can better understand why we see choosing now as the time that makes sense for them. The holidays can be a time of reflection, during which couples may realize that their marriage is no longer working. Many people feel pressure to have a happy marriage and to create the “ideal” family environment. Couples who are unhappy in their relationships may feel that they cannot break the news to their families until after the holidays are over,” said Randy Kessler, Family Law Attorney, Law Professor, Media Contributor, and Advisor of BlissDivorce. “There are some couples where both opposing parties absolutely need attorney representation and might not be a fit for BlissDivorce. Those might include a very high-conflict spouse who is unwilling to make compromises or very high net-worth individuals who own multiple businesses and need the assistance of financial forensics. But typically, most couples want to exit their marriage less painfully, quickly, and cost-effectively. I have seen BlissDivorce and our proprietary Digital Divorce Mediation technology work successfully for many couples who may have complicated issues like child custody and visitation, alimony, division of financial assets and debts, and personal property,” he continued.

While the average divorce in the U.S. costs $26,000 BlissDivorce is only $3,700 plus state-required filing fees. BlissDivorce offers a low down payment option of $499 to get started and an installment plan of 4 interest-free payments.

“We hear from our customers and BlissDivorce mediators that the stress and pressure of the holidays can spur people to finally make the decision to file for divorce. Couples may know their relationship is in trouble and have a ‘New Year’s Divorce Resolution.’ This, combined with the fact that we make divorce less complicated, less time-consuming, and less expensive, are reasons we have seen a rise in demand,” said Scott Seidewitz, CEO and Co-founder of BlissDivorce. “Our technological breakthrough of helping couples reach a full divorce agreement without attorneys has made our startup ‘the buzz’ in legal tech. And, if a couple still has a few issues to work out for any reason, they can meet for up to five hours with a skilled mediator over Zoom at no additional cost. BlissDivorce comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so couples who think hiring an attorney is their only choice don’t have any risk trying us out,” he continued.

With BlissDivorce, it’s finally possible to help couples reach a complete divorce agreement without attorneys so they can move on to the next chapter of their lives. For more information, visit

About BlissDivorce®

BlissDivorce® is a DIY online divorce platform with patent-pending Digital Divorce Mediation™ technology that helps couples reach a full divorce agreement without hiring attorneys. We provide a personalized experience that guides users through the process so they can move on in less time, with less conflict, and for a lot less money. BlissDivorce® is available in California, with plans to expand nationally. For more information, visit

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