LightBeam Democratizes Privacy Compliance Opening New Markets for Startups and Enterprises

Company announces a completely free path for assisting organizations in efforts to comply with state, national, and international privacy regulations, a pioneer in data security and privacy automation, is announcing a new PrivacyOps Pro module at no cost* to help organizations of all sizes and industries meet specific requirements of international, national, and state data privacy laws.

Data Privacy regulations have become a critical bottleneck for businesses, limiting their ability to expand into newer markets and geographies. While the regulations themselves are welcomed universally among consumers, and are a massive step in the right direction, the disparate nature of these regulations have left businesses confused and apprehensive of expanding their operations. Case in point is the United States where lack of a federal privacy law has resulted in states such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia promulgating their own privacy regulations. Often, businesses have to rely on third-party consultants to figure out the paperwork needed and checkboxes to be filled in.

This situation becomes even murkier as businesses look to grow internationally. While General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) covers many European countries, the UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE) among others have their own data privacy regulations and requirements creating a variety of layers to be navigated and synchronized into a complete privacy program.

“A fragmented privacy regulatory environment has encouraged rent-seeking behavior from unscrupulous groups looking to maximize this complexity to their advantage,” said Mark Pilon, Vice President of Business Development at ITI, Canada. “It is ludicrous that businesses are often asked to pay tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the privilege of filling out forms every quarter. LightBeam’s offer empowers businesses to pursue growth with the confidence of complying with data privacy regulations.”

The LightBeam PrivacyOps module addresses the need for a global data privacy compliance solution and removes commercial impediments in complying with data privacy regulations worldwide. The PrivacyOps Pro module provides businesses the following capabilities:

  • Quarterly Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) reports – Keeping RoPA reports up to date helps businesses comply with GDPR Article 30 and helps strengthen their compliance for other jurisdictions as well. The RoPA reports can be generated as per the nature of individual businesses and their roles in the business processes, e.g. whether a business is a controller or a processor, or if there is a cross-border data transfer, among other considerations.
  • Data Subject Rights (DSR) Requests – Multiple privacy regulations including the GDPR in Europe, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), Quebec’s Law 25 empower consumers (and in some cases, employees) to access, and erase their personal data. To be prepared, businesses have to license expensive software just to be ready to respond to such requests. With the LightBeam PrivacyOps Pro module, businesses can respond to up to 25 requests per year at no charge, eliminating the need for many businesses to ever spend resources on privacy tools.

“As information security leaders, we are always concerned about sensitive data getting exposed. A typical financial institution could have many applications with both structured and unstructured data,” stated Matt Davis, Manager of Information Security at ESL Federal Credit Union. “LightBeam’s approach of providing a holistic sensitive data operating system gives us visibility, helps contain exposure, and automates compliance.”

“Our goal is to enable every business to expand and grow to its fullest potential. CEOs and CXOs should not have to study the fine print of privacy regulations, assess vendors, spend money – all just to be ready for an eventual data subject request,” said Himanshu Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO at LightBeam. “We welcome leaders to fully realize their potential and dreams, and not let lack of data privacy regulation readiness be a blocker to market expansion.”

Customers can register to get on-boarded on the LightBeam PrivacyOps module starting October 10, 2022 by sending an email to mailto:[email protected] [[email protected] __title__ null]. Additional information including valuable resources on privacy regulations is available at

For more information, please visit booth 506 at the IAPP PSR summit in Austin, TX where LightBeam subject matter experts will be available to answer any questions from Oct 12 – Oct 14, 2022.

About LightBeam

LightBeam is on a mission to create a secure privacy-first world helping customers automate compliance against a patchwork of existing and emerging regulations. A leader in the security and privacy automation category, LightBeam has rapidly gained customers’ trust by pioneering a unique identity-centric and automation-first approach to data security and privacy compliance. LightBeam’s self-learning AI platform natively secures sensitive data, and keeps customers in continuous compliance for audits. Unlike siloed solutions, LightBeam ties together sensitive data discovery, cataloging, and governance providing a unified solution for observability, access control and compliance.

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