MeetKai, The World-Leading Metaverse and Conversational AI Company, Launches MeetKai Reality, Cloud AI, and MeetKai Editor at CES 2023

MeetKai, the Conversational AI and metaverse company, today unveiled new offerings, including MeetKai Reality, MeetKai Metaverse Editor, and MeetKai Cloud AI, the latest additions to its expanding portfolio of conversational AI technologies, all enabling more seamless metaverse experiences, available from any web-browser compatible device, without the need for expensive, specialized hardware.

MeetKai Reality is a new software platform that supports users in digitizing physical spaces to create instant 3-D replicas using nothing but a phone. The tech can be used to bring objects and spaces from the real world into the metaverse without the need for complicated scanning equipment or countless hours of custom 3-D modeling. This could be useful across industries, particularly for realtors, interior designers, architects, engineers, and retailers. All users will need is a smartphone or any internet-connected device with a camera to record seconds of video and render their space.

MeetKai Metaverse Editor will help usher in a new era of metaverse content creation. Unlike other virtual design platforms that struggle with object physics, clipping, or user-friendliness, MeetKai’s new software allows for easy virtual construction and space building without complicated tooling. MeetKai’s platform also allows anyone to build their own metaverse content while working collaboratively in real time, making both personal and corporate metaverse projects more manageable.

On top of these advances, MeetKai continues to use its leading edge software to push the boundaries of conversational AI. The startup is developing its own large language model (LLM) to challenge current industry leaders and offer specialized enterprise use cases. For now, MeetKai’s Cloud AI will add another level of immersion to virtual spaces by facilitating AI-human interactions with the first cloud offering to enable domain-specific, knowledge-driven Virtual Humans. Instead of just chitchat or fixed knowledge from the past, MeetKai Virtual Humans can leverage any form of multimedia to instantly interact with end users, at a fraction of the cost and 10x the speed, using first in the industry real time reasoning capabilities.

“As a company we have always believed that AI-first products drive differentiation, the metaverse is no different,” said MeetKai Co-Founder and CEO, James Kaplan. “Our intent in building out our metaverse tools is to enable ourselves to build state of the art experiences in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the cost. We have a number of first-party experiences we are creating that weave together Reality, Editor, and Cloud AI to power unique user functionality. An example of this is a virtual store that could feature an NPC capable of searching for and showing you scanned in objects,” explained Kaplan. “MeetKai’s metaverse tools can be used a la carte as well. We want to unlock the same cost and time savings for everyone else looking to build in the metaverse. So, if a brand already has a metaverse platform but wants to integrate MeetKai’s AI, they can do that. Likewise, if they have their own NPC tech, they could leverage MeetKai’s space building and rendering capabilities.”

“I’m very happy to see our company deliver the world’s leading metaverse and AI technology products, which set a new mark and raise the technology bar in a very competitive industry. Our vision and mission for MeetKai is to deploy these capabilities to the masses by offering groundbreaking and affordable solutions, accessible from web browsers and any device – like phones, tablets, computers, large screens, not just VR – available anywhere in the world for greater impact and better lives for all,” said Weili Dai, MeetKai Co-Founder and Executive Chairwoman, “I’m extremely proud of our team’s invention and innovation to be the first in the world to deploy such advanced tech with MeetKai Reality, MeetKai Cloud AI, and MeetKai Metaverse Editor. This makes our reality-based vision for the metaverse attainable and practical from the start. As we announced early in 2022, we’re bringing the real world into the metaverse with super-fast speed and effectiveness, for multiple industries such as real estate, retail, sports, architecture and entertainment.”

About MeetKai Inc.

MeetKai Inc. is a metaverse and Artificial Intelligence company based in Los Angeles, California. Listed by Forbes as “the company leading the AI speech race,” MeetKai’s cutting-edge AI can understand complex speech, give personalized results in a natural conversation, and boast expertise about any subject. After reaching 50+ million users worldwide, MeetKai is currently dedicated to shaping the future of the metaverse by building a virtual world rooted in reality and true utility, accessible to everyone, everywhere. Visit for more info & the latest MeetKai news.

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