META-Facebook Executive Joins Quantarium Visual Labs

Claudiu Bulai, who led the engineering organization of renowned META-Facebook Reality Labs Research, the innovation organization enabling META’s Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) initiatives, has joined Quantarium as Chief Innovation Officer.

“Claudiu’s decision to lead Quantarium Visual Labs towards the next generation of product innovation is a tremendous win, not only for Quantarium, but the RE Industry and its subsector spaces as well. Claudiu immediately embraced the potent nexus between his considerable expertise and accomplishments, the patented visual technologies Quantarium has already foundationally built and the ever-expanding opportunities within our Industry to modernize, streamline and achieve customer efficiencies.  And to be certain, a core driver to Quantarium’s mission remains to deliver on those ML based visual technology opportunities. Claudiu’s expertise and leadership is a force multiplier for both speed to market and innovation on that mission” said Clement Ifrim, Quantarium CEO.

Reality Labs Research was charged at META with researching and moving forward the state-of-the-art of various AR/VR hardware/software technologies. The large engineering organization Bulai scaled and led as Research Engineering Senior Director at META Reality Labs Research was comprised of teams with PhDs, scientists, electrical, mechanical, and firmware engineers,  along with software architects, TPMs, technical artists, and others across various research engineering horizontals.

In addition to his work at META-Facebook, Bulai also brings vast experience as a technologist and organizational leader, driving the research, development and launching of multiple complex hardware/software products across various industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

At Quantarium, Bulai will direct and grow a team of leading scientists and PhD s to expand its AI and Visual technologies IP. He will focus on innovative approaches to resolving the increasingly clarion demand at the intersection across all valuation products, for the meaningful adoption of Computer Vision (CV) capability and the industry’s currently limited integration of CV, both at scale and fidelity. These efforts will additionally expand the current deployment of CV, within the company’s industry-leading Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) and AI based digital valuations.

“Powerful and compelling, that is what I felt when I walked away from reviewing Quantarium’s foundation of differentiated CV and machine learning IP.  These are fields not easily mastered, let alone differentiated within, while simultaneously providing practical customer applications.  The fit between our capability and the industry need is why I am beyond excited to join the exceptionally talented Quantarium team. I look forward to contributing IP through state-of-the-art Data Science, Computer Vision,  and Machine Learning solutions as we innovate across Real Estate’s broad ecosystem of services” said Bulai.

About Quantarium

Located in Bellevue, WA, Quantarium was founded by a team of leading scientists and Ph.D.’s. The company has designed and developed an innovative and enabling set of AI and Visual Technologies currently being deployed across multiple real estate industry sectors. Quantarium is one of the most accurate sources of property insights for over 153 million U.S. properties and trusted by major mortgage lenders, financial institutes, builders, direct marketing agencies, and real estate professionals across the nation. With a technology suite that is different in kind, then degree, the company’s products and services uncover and capitalize on the core DNA of vertical industries. From genetic modeling property valuations and markets that understand and interpret real estate data as expressed through synthetic future populations, through to CV adjusted values, Quantarium offers real AI to drive real value.

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