MEXSHIELD Extends Helping Hand to Young Mexican Football Team

MEXSHIELD announced December 6, 2022, that the company donated $2,000 to a young Mexican football team traveling to Guadalajara for their last game of the season. The funds went toward the cost of the flight from Tijuana, Mexico to Guadalajara on December 11, 2022, as well as food for the 39-member team.

Says MEXSHIELD Co-Founder Daniel Cannon, “When most people think of Mexico, they think of soccer, especially during these times like the World Cup. Now, however, right here, south of San Diego in Tijuana, a group of high school boys will be traveling this weekend to Guadalajara to play American style football. Many of the boys on the team come from very poor families. As it takes two bus fares to get to practice, which is their food money, often it’s a decision for them to either eat or go to practice.”

While some of the players’ parents were able to shoulder the cost of the flight to Guadalajara this weekend, others were less fortunate. MEXSHIELD’s donation helped those without the resources to pay for travel and food, allowing all 39 players to attend the game.

MEXSHIELD, a startup with the tagline, “Enjoy Mexico with peace of mind,” believes that everyone needs help from time to time. By lending a helping hand to the young Mexican team, all the boys were able to enjoy their trip and the game without concern about expenses. “We were rooting for the team, and they won 27-21!”


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