Miro Joins AWS Isv Accelerate Program to Bring Advanced Collaboration Solutions to AWS Customers Around the Globe

Miro®, the visual workspace for innovation, today announced it is joining the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for members of the AWS Partner Network that gives AWS customers easy access to software solutions that run on, or integrate with, AWS. AWS ISV Accelerate Program members are held to the IT industry’s highest standards and must undergo a comprehensive evaluation to gain acceptance into the program.

“Miro is a long-standing AWS customer and partner, and we’re pleased to strengthen our relationship through acceptance into the ISV Accelerate Program,” said Steve Miller, Head of Enterprise Partnerships at Miro. “We’re proud to co-sell with AWS and look forward to bringing our customers market-leading solutions that make it easier to build the next big thing.”

”We’re hearing from our customers that creating a digital workspace experience is one of their top goals to retain and hire talent globally, as well as to increase the effectiveness of collaboration across teams, regions, and organizations. AWS Partners like Miro are a critical element in allowing AWS to help mutual customers achieve these goals and we’re pleased to strengthen our relationship with the recent progress of them becoming a seller on AWS Marketplace, giving AWS customers more choice in selecting their preferred way to buy software. We’re delighted to award Miro with an ISV Accelerate Status and we look forward to continuing to drive digital innovation and helping to shape the future for collaborators throughout 2023,” said Marta Whiteaker, Director of International Partnerships at AWS.

As an official AWS ISV Accelerate Program member, Miro is featured in the AWS Marketplace, allowing AWS customers to purchase Miro Enterprise through the AWS Marketplace site. Miro will now also offer its startup program directly to AWS Activate members. With Miro, AWS customers can activate new and unique collaboration practices that can help accelerate innovation across their organization. Specifically, Miro can help AWS customers solve some of the most critical challenges EPD teams face on a daily basis. Miro provides a workspace designed to support Agile planning, technical diagramming (with AWS Shape Packs built-in), as well as scrum events, which are just some of the ways that the platfor can help organizations increase innovation velocity.

Cobre is one of the first businesses to take advantage of Miro Enterprise through the AWS Marketplace. “At Cobre, we are leveraging Miro for strategy sessions, design roadmaps, and user journeys. After widespread adoption of Miro’s services across our organization, we looked to address security and scalability requirements. We chose Miro Enterprise to capture all of the users on our domain, gain access to unlimited teams, a flexible licensing plan, and centralize the purchase through AWS Marketplace,” said Joe Donato, co-founder and CTO at Cobre.

Miro and AWS will continue collaborating closely on additional solutions and integrations set to launch later this year. To learn more about Miro on AWS Marketplace, please visit:

About Miro

Miro is an online workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to build the next big thing. The platform’s infinite canvas enables teams to lead engaging workshops and meetings, design products, brainstorm ideas, and more. Miro, co-headquartered in San Francisco and Amsterdam, serves more than 50M users worldwide, including 99% of the Fortune 100. Miro was founded in 2011 and currently has more than 1,500 employees in 12 hubs around the world. To learn more, please visit Raises $7M to Build Out Creator Platform for Music Makers

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