Miro’s Continuous Innovation Lands Them a Spot on Forbes’ 2023 Cloud 100 List

Key Takeaways:

  • Miro secures its place on Forbes’ 2023 Cloud 100 list, showcasing consistent market leadership and rapid platform evolution.
  • Miro’s online workspace for innovation caters to distributed teams, aiding in workshops, product design, brainstorming, and more.
  • Varun Parmar, Miro’s COO, highlights the company’s growth from serving 5 million users in 2020 to over 55 million users in 180,000 organizations today.

About Miro:

Miro®, the trailblazing online workspace for innovation, has once again earned a coveted spot on Forbes’ 2023 Cloud 100 list. Co-published by Forbes in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, the Cloud 100 list celebrates the top 100 private cloud companies globally. Miro’s consistent presence on this esteemed list underscores its sustained market leadership, rapid platform innovation, and remarkable growth.

Empowering Innovation Beyond Boundaries:

At the heart of Miro’s success lies its online workspace for innovation. This platform caters to distributed teams of varying sizes, providing them with an infinite canvas for activities such as workshops, product design, brainstorming sessions, and more. Miro’s contribution extends beyond mere functionality; it empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly, foster creativity, and drive innovation regardless of physical barriers.

A Testament to Growth:

Varun Parmar, the Chief Operating Officer of Miro, expresses his honor in Miro’s recurring inclusion in Forbes’ Cloud 100 list. He recalls Miro’s recognition by Forbes in 2020, when the company served 5 million users across the globe. Today, Miro proudly serves a staggering 55 million users in over 180,000 organizations. Parmar believes that Miro’s role in enhancing product development collaboration, expediting time-to-market, and ensuring alignment with customer needs has been instrumental in its continued success.

Unveiling the Cloud 100 Evaluation Process:

For the eighth consecutive year, the Cloud 100 evaluation process entailed meticulous scrutiny of hundreds of cloud startups and private companies. This rigorous process relied on evaluating companies based on four key factors: market leadership, estimated valuation, operating metrics, and people & culture. Notably, the evaluation of market leadership involved input from a panel of public cloud company CEOs, who assessed and ranked their private counterparts.

Recognizing Elite Contributions to the Tech Sector:

Kenrick Cai, Forbes’ Cloud 100 editor, commends the featured companies for their exceptional contributions to the tech sector. The Cloud 100 list encapsulates the best and brightest private companies within this critical tech realm. Cai salutes the resilience of these entities in the face of AI’s transformative impact and market challenges, placing them in a league of their own.

Fueling Innovation Amidst Challenges:

Mary D’Onofrio, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, applauds the winners of the 2023 Cloud 100 for navigating the dynamic cloud economy landscape amidst macroeconomic headwinds. These companies displayed innovation, resilience, and a blend of growth and efficiency that underscores the prowess of the cloud business model. D’Onofrio predicts that 95% of the honorees will achieve Centaur status, boasting a substantial annual recurring revenue of $100 million by year’s end.

AI-Fueled Transformations:

Paul Drews, the managing partner of Salesforce Ventures, acknowledges the transformative power of AI that has ushered in a generational wave of innovation. As AI spearheads significant platform shifts, Drews expresses optimism about the future trajectory of the cloud sector and the broader technology industry. He salutes founders and communities for their accomplishments and anticipates their continued transformative impact.

A Glimpse into the Future:

The unveiling of Forbes’ 2023 Cloud 100 list and the accompanying Rising Stars signifies a promising outlook for the tech sector. Miro’s consistent presence on this list underlines its commitment to innovation and market leadership. The Cloud 100 recognition serves as a testament to Miro’s mission of redefining digital collaboration and innovation across borders.

Celebrating Excellence:

The Cloud 100 and Rising Stars CEOs will be celebrated in a prestigious event hosted by Bessemer Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and Forbes. This exclusive event acknowledges the contributions of these visionary leaders to the ever-evolving tech landscape. This celebration offers a unique platform for industry leaders to connect, share insights, and shape the future of the tech industry.

Driving Digital Innovation:

Miro’s recurring appearance on Forbes’ Cloud 100 list is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and market leadership. As Miro’s user base continues to expand and its platform evolves, the company is poised to further redefine the boundaries of digital collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

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