Next.e.GO Mobile SE and Sibros Partner to Provide Connected Vehicle Data and Advanced OTA Software Management on the All-New e.wave X Urban Electric Vehicle

  • Partnership to enable smarter, more seamless connected mobility, leveraging the power of data
  • e.wave X to utilize Sibros’ Deep Connected Platform to reshape the owner experience for sustainable urban mobility- Next.e.GO Mobile SE (e.GO), an innovative producer of urban electric vehicles announced today a strategic partnership with connected vehicle platform company Sibros, to deploy industry-leading connected mobility solutions into e.GO’s new vehicle models, with the aim of positioning e.GO to take advantage of the data-driven transformation of urban mobility. e.GO announced the start of sales of its newly launched electric vehicle, the e.wave X in October 2022.

The e.wave X is a purpose-built battery electric vehicle for the urban environment, using innovative spaceframe technology. Along with its sustainable materials and unique production processes, the e.wave X features replaceable and recyclable polymer skins and smart and exchangeable batteries that are designed to power a low maintenance and long-lasting electric drivetrain.

e.GO selected Sibros’ Deep Connected Platform for vehicle-wide data management and over-the-air (OTA) software updates to further improve the customer experience. The data collection will create insights and enable a range of connected and value-added fleet services, while OTA software updates are intended to allow all vehicles to evolve and improve the customer experience across the life cycle of the vehicle. Together, e.GO and Sibros are committed to unleashing the full potential of connected city mobility with a 360-degree user convenience and an ecosystem of value-added connected services.

“Sibros’ comprehensive connected vehicle product suite provides vehicle manufacturers with data-driven insights, empowering them to make informed decisions while helping to accelerate their efforts in product enhancement and user experience,” said Hemant Sikaria, CEO of Sibros. “Innovators like e.GO leverage Sibros’ deep and secure vehicle-to-cloud capabilities to help accelerate their journey and position them at the forefront of the industry. As a leader in the connected vehicle technology space, we’re excited to deploy our award-winning Deep Connected Platform on the e.wave X and grow our strategic partnership over the coming years, rethinking connected and sustainable mobility in urban environments.”

Connectivity is considered to be a key enabler for the mobility and smart cities. The partnership between e.GO and Sibros will enable innovative OEMs like e.GO to target business opportunities in both fleet management as well as to offer a broad set of services throughout the lifetime of the vehicle while enhancing the way drivers interact with their vehicles.

“The growing integration of multiple domains in the automotive universe, including connected vehicles, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and ultimately autonomous mobility, are meant to validate the software-defined connected urban cars of the future and that is what makes us very excited about this partnership,” said Ali Vezvaei, chairman of the board at e.GO. “We aspire to offer our customers the freedom and choice to select connected services that fit to their needs, whether in charging, sharing, insurance or connected drive, essentially this may convert their e.wave X to a smartphone on four wheels.”

Sibros’ connected vehicle solution will take advantage of various strategic industry partnerships, including Google Cloud for Automotive, which brings together an entire ecosystem of scalable vehicle-to-cloud solutions spanning data analytics, visualization, AI, machine learning and application programming interface (API) management tools. Automotive OEMs using the Sibros platform include a fast-growing list of the world’s most iconic makers of cars, trucks, buses, 2-wheelers and tractors, as well as disruptive new EV startups in the passenger and commercial segments.

About e.GO

Headquartered in Aachen, Germany, e.GO designs and manufactures battery electric vehicles for the urban environment, with a focus on convenience, reliability and affordability. e.GO has developed a disruptive solution for producing its electric vehicles using proprietary technologies and low cost MicroFactories, and has vehicles already on the road today. e.GO is helping cities and their inhabitants improve the way they get around and is making clean and convenient urban mobility a reality. Visit to learn more.

About Sibros

Sibros powers the connected vehicle ecosystem with its Deep Connected Platform™ for full vehicle OTA software updates, data collection, and diagnostics in one vertically integrated system. DCP supports any vehicle architecture – from ICE, Hybrid, EV to Fuel Cell – while also meeting rigorous safety, security, and compliance standards. By combining powerful automotive software and data management tools in one platform, Sibros empowers OEMs to quickly bring up dozens of new connected vehicle use cases spanning fleet management, predictive maintenance, paid feature upgrades, and beyond. For more information about the Silicon Valley-based company, visit


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