Oakland’s Real Estate Revolution: 15 Innovative Companies Reshaping the Market

Exploring the Cutting-Edge of Property Management, Investment, and Technology in Oakland’s Real Estate Scene

1. Roofstock

Website: Roofstock
Description: Revolutionizing property investment, Roofstock offers an online marketplace focused on leased single-family rental homes. They simplify the investment process, making it accessible to a wider audience.

2. Mynd

Website: Mynd
Description: Mynd stands out as a customer-centric, tech-enabled property management firm, primarily focusing on the rental sector. They’re redefining property management through innovative technology and personalized service.

3. Neyborly

Website: Neyborly
Description: Pioneering in the commercial real estate sector, Neyborly is a marketplace for short-term commercial real estate, offering flexible and creative spaces for various business needs.

4. Better Coliving

Website: Better Coliving
Description: Addressing affordability in housing, Better Coliving offers shared living spaces that promise both affordability and community engagement.

5. Nanogrid

Website: Nanogrid
Description: Nanogrid is at the forefront of integrating renewable energy into real estate. Their software assesses the value of solar, storage, and electric vehicles for homeowners.

6. Realthy

Website: Realthy
Description: Realthy is reshaping the real estate industry by creating long-term value for professionals and their clients in a commission-based economy.

7. SG Scientific

Website: SG Scientific
Description: SG Scientific provides commercial products and services, offering unique solutions in the real estate sector with a focus on scientific and technological advancements.

8. Pippin / Rent the Backyard

Website: Rent the Backyard
Description: Tackling the housing crisis, Pippin (also known as Rent the Backyard) innovates in autonomous homebuilding, offering solutions for the escalating housing demands.

9. oWow

Website: oWow
Description: With a mission to combat the housing crisis and loneliness, oWow is making strides in developing community-centric housing solutions.

10. Pace Avenue

Website: Pace Avenue
Description: Pace Avenue is dedicated to driving the mass-market adoption of home energy-efficiency and solar products, contributing to a more sustainable real estate market.

11. Circuit Launch

Website: Circuit Launch
Description: A unique coworking space, Circuit Launch specializes in robotics and electronic hardware, offering a collaborative environment for tech innovators.

12. Abio Properties

Website: Abio Properties
Description: Abio Properties is known for its expert and concierge-level real estate services, making property transactions smoother and more personalized.

13. Withinmile

Website: Withinmile
Description: This platform provides user-friendly websites for businesses and residential addresses, facilitating better connectivity and accessibility in real estate.

14. Turner Development Resource Group

Website: Turner Development Resource Group
Description: Offering a full spectrum of real estate services including property management, project financing, and construction, Turner Development Resource Group stands as a versatile player in the industry.

15. Prime Property Group

Website: Prime Property Group
Description: Prime Property Group is a comprehensive real estate company, offering services ranging from leasing and construction to property management and consulting.

These 15 companies in Oakland are not just participating in the real estate market; they are actively reshaping it with innovative approaches and solutions. From tech-driven platforms to sustainable development and community-centric housing, they are at the forefront of a real estate revolution.

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