One AI Powers 50,000 Companies and Developers with Advanced Language AI Capabilities

One AI, a platform that enables developers to add language AI to products and services, today announced that its technology is powering over 50,000 companies and developers. The language AI startup presents a strong growth story as more businesses begin to discover the uses for the powerful and customizable technology solution – from summarizing articles, to analyzing customer service calls for emotion and sentiment, to extracting interest rates and terms from financial documents and websites.

“For years humans have learned to adapt themselves to work and communicate with machines. Now, we are teaching computers to speak like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP),” said Amit Ben, co-founder and CEO, One AI. “Last year, the technology finally reached mainstream recognition and utilization, partially thanks to the success of language generation models and tools such as ChatGPT.”

One AI curates and trains state-of-the-art NLP building blocks that can be enhanced with customer data to meet their unique business needs. The platform makes it easy to stack and access these building blocks via API, so users can quickly and easily create custom language processing solutions, with support for text, audio and video inputs.

“Expecting product companies to create their own NLP is like expecting them to build their own databases, billing systems, networking, cloud frameworks, and VOIP. That is completely unrealistic,” added Ben.

With the rapidly growing volume of content generated every day, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) becomes increasingly crucial. NLU allows businesses to better understand and respond to the needs and preferences of their customers, improve customer experience and increase satisfaction and loyalty. It can also improve efficiency and accuracy by automating tasks that require language comprehension, such as customer service inquiries or data entry.

One AI makes experimenting with and integrating language AI fast and easy. With just a single line of code, users can add the platform’s language capabilities into their apps and workflows. If needed, users can also fine-tune these capabilities using their own data, and have a customized solution up and running in just a few days.

“Through our collaboration with One AI we are able to not only summarize customer calls and extract emotions and insights, but also analyze multiple calls as a group for a more meaningful understanding, and a more personalized experience.” said Vlad Papancea, founder and CTO, NLX, a customer-experience-automation platform. NLX is using One AI as the engine behind some of their AI capabilities, including conversation summary and emotion analysis.

One AI was founded by serial entrepreneurs and executives — Amit Ben and Aviv Dror, who previously co-founded NanoRep, and later sold to LogMeIn (LOGM); Yochai Levi, who has filled executive positions at companies such as WeWork, LivePerson, and Conduit and; Asi Sheffer, who bridges the gap between industry and academia with his past experience in companies like IBM and LogMeIn.

About One AI

One AI is dedicated to making language AI an integral part of everyday life. To make this a reality, One AI curates, trains, and fine-tunes state-of-the-art models for specific use cases and makes them stackable and accessible via API. This allows users to easily integrate advanced language capabilities into their applications or workflows, and analyze and process large amounts of text, audio, and video. Users can choose from a library of Language Skills, or build and fine-tune Custom Skills with their data, to drive innovation and growth.

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