oomph! Sweets™ Launch of Low-Sugar, Functional Candy at Natural Products Expo East 2022

Backed by the same investment firm as category-disrupting Liquid Death and formulated by Michelin Star Chef Paul Shoemaker, oomph! will debut its low-sugar, functional candies, this fall, at Natural Products Expo East booth #1854

Candy is taking a new direction, as oomph! Sweets ( announces the launch of its line of low-sugar, functional gummies and chews at this year’s Natural Products Expo East.

Backed by Science, Inc. (, the multi-asset investment firm behind leading water-brand Liquid Death, and formulated by Michelin Star Chef Paul Shoemaker, oomph! Sweets’ presence at the industry trade show — September 28 – October 1 at booth #1854 — marks its first public introduction and availability via its direct-to-consumer site, just in time for the Halloween season.

Delivering delight to everyday moments, oomph!’s Gummies and Chews maintain the sweet nostalgia of time-honored treats, like tootsies and taffies, while supporting a low-sugar diet without any artificial sweeteners. Instead, oomph! products are sweetened with allulose — a naturally-occurring sugar found in fruits, like figs and raisins — and deliver a modern makeup of functional ingredients, like Acerola Cherry, Lion’s Mane and Apple Cider Vinegar, to support a healthy mind and body.

“Candy should be, feel and exude fun; yet somewhere along the way, it’s gotten a bad rap for being laden with hard-to-pronounce ingredients or artificial flavorings, and leaving sweet-toothed consumers with a sugar crash,” said Michael Lewis, oomph! Sweets Founder and General Manager. “We’re here to not only put the fun back in candy, but to deliver an experience that feels as good as it tastes. Real ingredients, better nutrition and flavors that, quite literally, hit you like ‘OOMPH!’ in the best way possible”

A CPG veteran, leading several brands in the food and beverage space, Lewis was brought in by Science Inc., an early-stage investment fund and startup studio building transformative brands, to build oomph! and bring the brand to market, beginning with DtC online and quickly expanding into retail, for omnichannel availability.

“The candy aisle deserves an upgrade, and it’s been a pleasure working with the team at oomph! Sweets to bring better ingredients to families without forgoing flavor,” said Michael Jones, Managing Director of Science Inc. “The food and beverage space has always been of deep interest to us at Science, and we can’t wait to see how oomph! builds out a better future for candy as we move toward wanting products that are both sweet and functional.”

Building the next generation of companies, Science Inc. has helped its 60+ brands raise more than $500M in follow-on investments, creating an impressive and diverse portfolio of everything from tech startups to booming consumer brands.

With oomph!, Lewis will utilize the robust resources and strong relationships Science has built to deliver a line of low-sugar sweets, beginning with Chews — available in Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Passion Fruit and Green Apple — and Gummies — available in Pineapple, Cherry and Watermelon.

Taking a unique, flavor-forward approach to both lines of candy, oomph! brought in Michelin-Star Chef Paul Shoemaker to formulate each recipe and add a culinary flare to the candy aisle. Chef Shoemaker brings a breadth of culinary artistry, seasonal reverence and imagination to his cuisine and, in turn, the oomph! Sweets lineup.

Complementing the global techniques and unique culinary philosophy for which Shoemaker’s playful menus regularly reflect, his personality and sophistication honors his distinguished pedigree, stemming from the kitchen of Michelin-starred Bastide, Providence, Alain Ducasse, French Laundry and Water Grill.

All oomph! Sweets are vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly, low-calorie (110 calories or less), low-sugar (1g of sugar or less), naturally sweetened with Allulose, low carb (4-6g net carbs), allergen-friendly, and made with all-natural ingredients.

oomph! Sweets chews are currently available nationwide, online at, at an SRP of $4.00/bag, with gummies available for purchase online in mid-October.

About oomph! Sweets™

Delivering delight to everyday moments, oomph! Sweets was born out of a passion for candy and a desire for ‘better.’ Its two lines of low-sugar candies, formulated by Michelin-Star Chef Paul Shoemaker, are individually-wrapped Chews and Gummies that offer just the right balance of feel-good nostalgia and exciting novelty, no matter the time or the place.

Reminiscent of time-honored treats like tootsies and taffies, oomph! also brings a modern makeup of functional ingredients — like Acerola Cherry, Lion’s Mane and Apple Cider Vinegar — and innovative, non-artificial sweeteners to satisfy confectionary cravings.

Learn more and shop now at

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