Private Placement Hosting Surges in 2022 for DealVector

Despite market turmoil, DealVector closed 2022 with record hosting activity on the private side of its analytics business, with over $10 billion of new deal notional. Deal types included Acquisition Financings, Warehouse Facilities, Consumer Lending and Credit Card Pool Financings, Solar Pool Financing, HECM Mortgage Pool Forecasting, as well as models for Startup Operator Financing.

While the company is better known for working with banks and syndicate desks in the launch process and secondary market of Public ABS deals, DealVector’s tool sets are fully transferable to private transactions for any asset class.

Head of Business Development Jim Kranz said, “In some ways our permission tools are even better suited to private deals, since sponsors can go narrow or wide with their distribution depending on the sensitivity of the deal, and they can easily revoke access as well. Since the hosting service can accommodate extremely sophisticated and fully dynamic models with no programming, it is a perfect fit for private offerings.” Kranz continued, “In fact, ongoing maintenance of narrowly distributed deals now makes up a large part of our business. And as rates have backed up, that is where we have seen great momentum.”

DealVector’s patented model hosting technology deploys complex spreadsheets securely into a browser with all the convenience, flexibility, and power of a desktop spreadsheet with no coding required. All IP, underlying data, and access is protected. The analytic technology is purpose-built to increase deal subscription, transparency, and secondary trading. For more information about DealVector’s Model Hosting Services, or contact us at (415) 937-0363.

About DealVector

DealVector is the world’s leading network of over 1,300 investors designed to facilitate issuer-to-investor interactions. The company’s Model Hosting services and advanced analytics speed time to market, enhance secondary trading, and reduce the cost of capital while protecting sensitive data and intellectual property. DealVector’s proprietary technology allows it to work with banks and issuers to deploy complex analytic models within hours, thus providing investors critical data and metrics for decision making. The company’s network of investors ensures rapid identification of beneficial holders for successful consent solicitations, restructurings, recapitalizations, and amendments.

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