Revolutionizing Construction: San Francisco’s Pioneers

Bringing Technological Innovation and Sustainable Solutions to the World of Construction

Raise Robotics

Raise Robotics is a forerunner in the construction robotics sector, blending the efficiency of robotics with the precision of construction. As the future of building takes a turn towards automation, Raise Robotics is leading the charge.


For those who dread the complex web of payment compliance and notice management, Handle has come up with construction software to streamline these processes, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions.

Eano Home Renovation

Eano Home Renovation believes in delivering top-notch designs with its comprehensive solution. By automating the renovation process, they provide affordable services to homeowners, making dream homes a reality for many.


In the age of digital banking, Flexbase stands out by offering specialized credit card solutions catering to the construction industry, supporting businesses with tailored financial tools.


A breakthrough in the construction fintech niche, MazumaGo streamlines financial transactions, ensuring quick and hassle-free money movement for construction businesses.

Aro Homes

Aro Homes is on a mission to redefine the residential construction landscape. Their focus on sustainable and efficient building practices promises a brighter, greener future for the housing sector.


From planning to execution, Skylight offers a one-stop solution for home renovations. Their technology-powered approach ensures that homeowners get the best out of their investment.


Tangible is where construction meets climate technology. Committed to creating sustainable materials, they ensure that building projects leave a minimal carbon footprint.


Steering projects to successful completion, Offsight brings top-notch construction software to the table. Their expertise in project management ensures seamless coordination and timely execution.


Navigating the intricate world of construction insurance, Shepherd offers tech-driven insurance solutions, safeguarding businesses from unforeseen challenges.


Harnessing the power of AI, OpenSpace provides photo documentation tools that generate easily navigable representations of job sites, offering an immersive experience for project reviews.


INDUS.AI is where SaaS meets 3D computer vision. Their platform empowers developers and project managers to make the most of their resources, be it labor, equipment, or materials.


Promoting smarter construction practices, CivilGrid offers local intelligence solutions. Their insights pave the way for more informed decision-making in global construction projects.


Eliminating the hassles of material procurement, SupplyHound is a marketplace dedicated to the delivery of construction materials, ensuring that projects never run out of essential supplies.


Revolutionizing material manufacturing, Lingrove produces natural fiber composites. Their unique blend of plant-based fibers and resins holds the promise of sustainable construction.

In San Francisco’s ever-evolving landscape, these companies are not just building structures; they’re constructing the future. With a blend of technology, innovation, and sustainability, they’re setting new standards for the industry.

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