Secureframe: Bridging the Compliance Gap with Overlapping Controls

Discovering Synergies Across Regulatory Frameworks to Empower Businesses

Key Takeaways

  • Connected Compliance: Secureframe, a leading compliance automation software provider, reveals a significant overlap in compliance controls among various regulatory frameworks, enabling businesses to streamline their compliance efforts.
  • Customization at the Core: Secureframe introduces novel capabilities, including custom frameworks and controls, allowing organizations to tailor their compliance programs to match their unique requirements and industry needs.
  • Efficiency and Flexibility: By identifying commonalities in compliance controls, Secureframe empowers businesses to extend their compliance initiatives across multiple frameworks without starting from scratch.

About Secureframe: Shaping the Future of Compliance

Secureframe, a pioneering compliance automation software company headquartered in San Francisco, is reshaping the landscape of regulatory compliance. Their innovative platform empowers businesses to navigate complex compliance requirements with ease, transforming the way companies approach security and governance.

Unlocking Synergies: The Power of Overlapping Controls

In a groundbreaking revelation, Secureframe has unveiled a remarkable convergence of compliance controls shared across diverse regulatory frameworks. This discovery comes hand in hand with the introduction of key functionalities that offer businesses greater flexibility in designing their security compliance programs.

Voices from the Industry

Jay Deuskar, CTO at Prizepicks, attests to the impact of Secureframe’s innovations: “Secureframe’s Custom Frameworks have enabled us to implement a compliance program that is specifically tailored to our organization. It ensures that we stay compliant while adhering to our own internal standards and procedures.”

A Glimpse into the Findings

Secureframe’s analysis of common controls authored by the company yields compelling insights into the interconnectedness of compliance frameworks:

  • Organizations compliant with SOC 2 exhibit over 90% compliance with ISO 27001.
  • Those complying with PCI DSS demonstrate over 80% compliance with SOC 2.
  • ISO 27001-compliant organizations are over 65% compliant with PCI DSS.
  • Businesses adhering to HIPAA achieve over 80% compliance with SOC 2.

Simplifying Multi-Framework Compliance

These findings have far-reaching implications for organizations striving to achieve compliance across multiple regulatory frameworks. By recognizing the synergies between frameworks, businesses can optimize their compliance endeavors, minimizing redundant efforts while maximizing efficiency.

Tailoring Compliance Programs for Growth

To further enhance their capabilities, Secureframe has unveiled a range of updates designed to meet the evolving security needs of expanding enterprises. One of the standout features is the support for custom frameworks, allowing businesses to create personalized frameworks that align with their unique needs. This empowers organizations to craft compliance programs that cater to diverse industries and use cases.

Control-Centric Approach to Compliance

Secureframe’s approach offers a control-centric view of an organization’s security program, distinguishing between framework requirements and business objectives. This approach facilitates a streamlined compliance process, enabling administrators to map controls to multiple framework requirements and significantly reduce duplicative efforts.

Elevating Compliance Through Customization

In addition to custom frameworks, Secureframe introduces the flexibility to add custom controls, either individually or in bulk. This feature empowers organizations to fine-tune their compliance programs according to their specific requirements. Custom controls provide the ability to incorporate tailored security measures, processes, and policies that align with an organization’s distinct needs.

Evidence of Adherence: The Test Library

In support of businesses that create custom frameworks and controls, Secureframe introduces the Test Library. This comprehensive repository houses a wide array of Secureframe tests and custom upload tests, extending the benefits of automation to users beyond specific framework mappings. With hundreds of pre-built automated tests, users can leverage this repository to streamline evidence collection.

Empowering Businesses for the Future

Secureframe’s commitment to innovation and customization underscores its role as a trailblazer in the compliance automation landscape. By seamlessly integrating overlapping controls and offering customizable solutions, Secureframe empowers businesses to build robust compliance programs that adapt to their evolving needs.

Leading the Way: Secureframe’s Journey of Innovation

As Secureframe continues its journey of redefining compliance automation, its accomplishments serve as a testament to the transformative power of technology. By uncovering the synergy between compliance controls and providing businesses with tools for customization, Secureframe is propelling organizations toward a future where compliance is not just a requirement but a strategic advantage. With a focus on efficiency, flexibility, and innovation, Secureframe is guiding the way for businesses to navigate the complex terrain of regulatory compliance.

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