Software Development Company Partners with Global Dietitian Network Startup

How the launch of an American-made mobile app is crossing cultural borders.

A powerful new app has hit the market following extensive research into the complex interchange of culture, norms, and diet. The East Coast-based startup, culturd, partnered with West Coast software and mobile app development company FUSION OF IDEAS to build and design a user-friendly mobile app for Google Android and Apple Platforms.

While there are notable health and life expectancy disparities across various cultures, nutrition is a common driving force of optimal health. Culture is an essential factor in food choices, and food choices drive health outcomes. While dietitians are experts in food and nutrition, they are not food and nutrition experts in all cultures. And this is where culturd identified a significant market demand and opportunity.

“There is no question that one’s diet can affect both short-and long-term health,” stated culturd co-founder Michael Haynes, “but few have made the connection between cultural-specific nutritional guidance and positive health outcomes.” In addition, research shows that healthcare providers with the same ethnic/racial background have better trust and rapport with their patients, which contributes to improved health outcomes. Haynes’s wife and culturd’s co-founder, Sue-Ellen, a Registered Dietitian with a 15-year track record of assisting people from diverse backgrounds, recognized the power of nutrition and its cultural connection. When asked about the primary audience for the culturd app, Haynes replied, “our app is for people of all ethnicities who are seeking to improve their health without sacrificing their culture. It also supports diverse dietitian entrepreneurs and is a powerful tool for other healthcare professionals and organizations seeking access to diverse nutrition expertise.”

The husband-and-wife duo, equipped with an extensive network of dietitians and a solid business plan, set sights on developing a digital healthcare app that would match dietitians and clients based on cultural alignment. However, choosing a software development partner to bring culturd’s plan to a global audience would be a challenging task. Like many seeking software and mobile app services, the startup needed to ensure their data and intellectual property would be secure. culturd also required a budget-friendly plan and the option for ongoing maintenance as their business grew.

Like culturd’s unique business offering, FUSION OF IDEAS is an outlier within the sea of custom software and mobile app development companies. “Our approach to development is vastly different, by design, of course,” stated the Company’s Chief Technology Officer, Tyler Harmor. And he elaborated, “we understand that our healthcare clients like culturd, have legitimate concerns regarding the safety and security of their data. And that is why our development services are performed 100% in the USA and in-house. We never outsource or offshore our development or design work.”

In the past 10+ years, FUSION OF IDEAS has developed custom software and mobile apps for startups like culturd and many large healthcare organizations around the country. “We take pride in maximizing budgets and developing custom, scalable software and mobile app solutions. Developing a mobile app for culturd gave our team some great insight into our diets and health,” said Harmor. While the Company’s US-centric business model addresses security concerns, FUSION’s Design-First approach sealed the deal for culturd. “We could see, touch, and test the functionality of our mobile app in the early stages of development, which saved us valuable time and money,” stated culturd Co-Founder Michael Haynes.

In addition, there was a significant benefit to seeing our mobile app’s aesthetics and having the ability to make edits in the early development stage. “Our mission,” said Haynes, “is to provide a medium by which the dietetic field can provide more equitable and inclusive, targeted care. Our app and its embedded matching algorithm give users the highest chance of success and the opportunity to lead longer, healthier lives.”

ABOUT culturd:

Based on the East Coast, this startup, founded by a wife and husband, honed deep into an area of nutrition vastly ignored by the healthcare industry. culturd is a first-of-its-kind digital healthcare app that connects dietitians to clients with algo-driven matching based on culture. The app gives access to global experts who provide nutritional advice based on one’s unique cultural dietary pattern. Check out culturd online at: and download the app today: Google Android or Apple Store.


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