StarQuest Rebranded Stelo, Continues to Bring Enterprise-Class Data Replication to Global Organizations

Stelo, known for its proven software and premier service, provides anywhere-to-anywhere dynamic data replication and support

StarQuest Ventures today announced the company has rebranded as Stelo as it moves into the future of enterprise-class data replication. The company has evolved its leading solution, Stelo Data Replicator (formerly SQDR) for near real-time data replication throughout the last 30 years. Today, Stelo reliably delivers unlimited, stable, near real-time data syncing or replication without requiring additional coding or professional service engineers for implementation.

IT leaders face ever-growing challenges – from accommodating legacy data, to managing increasing amounts of new siloed data, to navigating unstructured data lakes. To address these challenges, Stelo bridges systems with a scalable solution for business intelligence analysis, reporting, and prediction, or for managing business operations, B2B interactions, and supply chains. With Stelo, organizations have a tool that is seamless to integrate, simple to operate, and incredibly powerful.

All data. All sources. All targets. No limits. No friction. Interested in Stelo Data Replicator? Schedule a demo today.

“Stelo is a new name that will grow with us into the future – as we help clients create the collaborative data ecosystems that power resilient organizations,” said Paul Rampel, Stelo President. “All the while, we’re keeping the robust solutions and personal, 24/7/365 service and support our clients know and appreciate.”

An extensive solution for growing organizations and data ecosystems

The Stelo solution provides reliable, high-speed, affordable replication for any relational database accessible via ODBC and non-relational databases via Kafka, Delta Lakes and flat file formats. Stelo leverages native data loading functions and exploits multithreaded processing to provide fast, reliable performance for replicating multiple tables concurrently. Unlike competitors, Stelo’s flexible licensing model is designed to grow with organizations rather than lock users into static deployments.

For decades, Stelo has invested in learning about new repositories and taken a vendor-agnostic approach to integration, continually allowing users to maintain systems of choice while easily adding a world-class replication tool. Stelo takes full advantage of open standards such as DRDA, SQL, ODBC, and JDBC to maximize compatibility and interoperability within an enterprise network. As an active member of The Open Group software industry consortium, Stelo supported the adoption of DRDA as an industry standard for database interoperability.

Stelo’s streamlined application deployment means project startup typically takes hours – not days. Once running, Stelo operates in the background without needing dedicated engineering support for maintenance or management.

The company’s new branding sets the stage for future updates and upgrades to Stelo Data Replicator with the emerging demands of delta lakes. Subscribe to stay updated.

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About Stelo

Stelo, (formerly StarQuest), provides cost-efficient solutions for maximum data agility. Proven over the last 25 years, Stelo is designed to fit budgets, requires no programming, and is backed by a customer service team with the expertise required for successful deployments.

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