Start-up One AI Launches Multilingual AI Technology Bringing AI Capabilities to Non-English Native Speakers

One AI, a platform that enables business to utilize the world’s best generative AI in their products and services, today announced a multilingual solution, bringing advanced AI capabilities to the 95 percent of the world that does not speak English natively.

One AI offers a comprehensive library of AI capabilities that can be tuned and tailored by customers to fit their unique business needs. In addition to English, the platform now supports Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Japanese, with additional languages in the works.

“Less than five percent of the world speaks English natively. Now our customers can seamlessly support additional languages in their products and services,” said Amit Ben, co-founder and CEO, One AI. “Our multilingual capabilities are quick and easy to integrate into any platform – whether podcast platform, CRM, content publishing tool, or any other product. The language detection, processing, transcription, analytics, and comprehension capabilities are there.”

Integrating language capabilities into products often requires companies to perform tasks such as finding the appropriate model, collecting and tagging data, training the model, and managing it in production. These tasks can be complex and time-consuming, and introduce research issues such as bias and explainability, as well as tech/ops challenges like performance and scalability. For the vast majority of businesses, the preferred path would be to find a solution that handles these tasks seamlessly.

Nutshell, a Google Chrome summary companion, uses One AI as the engine behind its AI capabilities.

“Creating a product of this nature is difficult, and we initially thought that building AI for multiple languages would be costly, time-consuming, or even impossible,” said Elad Meidar, founder and CTO of Nutshell. “But with One AI, we were able to implement all the AI capabilities we wanted in a matter of days.”

Businesses use One AI’s platform to accelerate their AI journey from exploration, to integration, to operation. This includes some of the following features:

● Language Studio: A no-code tool for AI ideation and experimentation.

● Language Skills: Stackable AI building blocks, each composed of multiple AI models tuned for specific domains. Choose from a comprehensive library of use-case-ready Skills or build your own.

● Language Analytics: Extract insights and actionable data from millions of text, audio, and video items.

● Audio Intelligence: Transform audio and video into structured data.

● API: Seamlessly deploy and integrate advanced AI capabilities, no DevOps required.

Examples of use-cases built with One AI’s technology include:

● CRM company: Transcribe Zoom calls and automate Salesforce CRM entries

● Podcast platform: Split long videos and podcasts into chapters and generate a summary & table-of-contents

● Email client: Summarize email threads, automatically detect action items & set followup meetings

● Content aggregator: Tag articles and blogs by topics discussed

● eCommerce solution: Analyze product reviews for sentiment, product and pricing mentions, and complaints

● Sales tech company: Extract action items, dates, and times from phone calls and schedule meetings automatically

● HRM provider: Analyze video interviews to assess interviewee experience and skills

● Legal tech startup: Extract dates, organizations, laws and regulations from legal documents.

One AI was founded by serial entrepreneurs and executives. Amit Ben and Aviv Dror, in 2022. The founders previously co-founded NanoRep, later sold to LogMeIn (LOGM). After building NLP solutions from scratch several times in the past, they decided it was time to productize it and make it available for every developer. Pre-trained for concrete business use-cases, One AI models can be experimented with in a no-code Language Studio, and seamlessly integrated into products with One AI’s API.

About One AI

As generative AI rapidly transforms industries, businesses must either adapt or risk being left behind. One AI steps in to offer a solution. It curates and tunes the world’s top AI capabilities, so organizations can get advanced AI solutions tailored to their specific business, in days.

One AI accelerates the success of businesses on their AI journey with the Language Studio, Language Analytics, and a comprehensive library of customizable AI Skills. In addition to One AI’s generative AI capabilities, it allows conversion of everyday language into structured, actionable data, providing seamless integration into products and services. One AI’s API powers the efficient analysis and processing of text, audio, and video data at scale.

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