StartupWind Launched Equity Crowdfunding Campaign that would enable them to educate millions of small businesses in the US

StartupWind, Inc, launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform, enabling them to educate millions of small businesses in the US. StartupWind’s mission is to empower small business owners with the critical business skills they typically lack so that they thrive and become the growth engine for their communities.

That campaign has gotten off to a great start with $200K raised in less than 1 week was featured on the Most Momentum Campaign section on the StartEngine platform.

StartupWind is the AI-Powered Innovation & Mentoring Platform for 30 million Small Business & Startup owners that helps them acquire critical business skills they lack. Over 10,000 small business (SMB) owners have used the platform to gain business skills. StartupWind also helps universities, state economic agencies, & SBDCs with digital tools that allow them to help thousands of SMBs in their region.

StartupWind helps small business owners acquire the right business skills using:

  • Over 40 video-based courses focused on the lifecycle of SMBs and startups spanning topics such as market research, business planning, marketing, sales, financials, intellectual property, and leadership. The course contributors are experts from Northwestern, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Draper University, and Silicon Valley executives.
  • Self-service accelerator programs that focus on the challenges, and current needs of SMBs. It also helps small business owners solve the problems that pester them the most. These programs provide a step-by-step guided path to acquire the right skill that the SMB owners currently need with multiple video-based courses, curated content, and frameworks to apply what they learned.
  • Access to over 1,200 mentors to unlock the experiential know-how, get feedback, and resolve a key challenge the SMB owner is experiencing.
  • Easy access to thousands of grants from state and federal agencies with an ability to find the right grant based on the industry, state, minority, or women status, and unlock potentially free money for the growth of their business.
  • Connection to a global network of 30,000 small business and startup owners, mentors, and investors to benefit from a robust ecosystem.
  • Tools and frameworks such as the Lean Business Plan tool to create the business plan that they need to apply for the SBA (Small Business Administration) loan or Business Model Canvas to help them to create a solid business plan that would set them up for success.

Sanjit Singh Dang, Chairman & Co-founder UFirstCapital, and advisor to StartupWind said,

“Nearly two third of the net new jobs in the US are created by small businesses. StartupWind is turbo-charging SMB innovation which is the backbone of the US economy. Several main-street small businesses are using StartupWind to grow, thrive, and raise capital.”

Robert C Wolcott, Chair TWIN Global, Professor at Northwestern Kellogg and Chicago Booth Business Schools and Investor in StartupWind said,

“Being an entrepreneur is tough. StartupWind should be an essential tool for all entrepreneurs and the institutions helping them thrive.”

Ganesh Sundaresan, Executive Director at TriNet, Investor & Mentor on StartupWind said:

“I am one of the initial investors in StartupWind. It was a no-brainer for me as StartupWind solves a unique problem that is faced by millions of businesses. Entrepreneurs start a business with a dream and an idea but do not necessarily have the business acumen to go from idea to revenue. This is where StartupWind excels with its AI-powered innovation platform allows entrepreneurs to create a business model canvas, reach out to numerous mentors and get help to grow their businesses.

I have mentored many entrepreneurs on StartupWind and have enjoyed the experience as a user.”

Nicole Spracale, Executive Coach, Fractional CXO & Kellogg MBA said:

“The choice to invest in StartupWind was easy for me – the platform that StartupWind has built coupled with its leadership team, has created the winning recipe to positively impact the market and grow into the leading resource for business education.”

Naren Patil, the Founder & CEO of StartupWind said:

“StartupWind is democratizing the entrepreneurship know-how and making it available to main-street small businesses! This campaign would enable us to make an impact at a significantly larger scale towards our goal of educating millions of small businesses in the US and beyond!”.

About StartupWind, Inc

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, StartupWind is the AI-powered Innovation & Mentoring platform designed for 30 million small businesses in the US. StartupWind unveils a new way to connect, incubate, mentor, and scale startups and SMBs (Small Businesses). StartupWind works with University, State, and SBDC programs to help them build a powerful digital innovation engine for their regions. It enables them to assist a large number of startups and small businesses to run their businesses profitably and avoid costly business closures.

StartupWind has been impacting about 30,000 innovators & mentors and 10,000 startups & small businesses affiliated with over 100 universities in the world. Using the StartupWind platform, these small businesses and startups have created over 5,000 ideas, 4,000 Business Model Canvases, and thousands of business plans using StartupWind’s tools, frameworks & courses and have access to thousands of mentors on the platform.

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