The Beans Announces Launch of its 2023 Break Free from Financial Stress Challenge

The Beans, a financial technology startup serving America’s Caring Professionals, announced today the start of their 14-day Break Free from Financial Stress Challenge. The challenge will run from January 16 through January 30 and is designed to jumpstart financial progress in 2023.

The challenge is open to all, but in order to be eligible for cash prizes participants must be registered in The Beans’ app as a Caring Class Professional. Caring Professionals work in careers of mission over money including the fields of education, government, nonprofit and healthcare.

“This challenge is an extension of our mission to provide America’s Caring Professionals with the technology and resources to free themselves from financial stress, the number one, most persistent form of stress in America” said Melissa Pancoast, Founder and CEO of the Beans. “We are hosting this challenge to bring our community together so members can start the new year with the confidence, stability, tools, and know-how to make stronger financial decisions.”

As part of the 14-day challenge, participants will receive daily prompts on the Beans’ Instagram account ( Topics include making a Plan, automating savings, and spending on what brings joy.

Every day during the 14-day challenge, The Beans will give away $100 to one Caring Professional who participates in the day’s prompt using the hashtag “#BreakFree2023”. At the conclusion of the 14-day challenge one grand prize winner will take home $500.

To learn more about The Beans visit and follow on Instagram for more information about their 14 Days to Break Free from Financial Stress challenge.


The Beans ( is simplifying the path to financial success. The financial technology company automates financial planning and support for American’s Caring Class, those who choose mission over money. The Beans delivers the world’s first Visual Financial Plan, an evidence-based approach to personal finances that works, enabling members to achieve financial goals and reduce financial stress. Founded by a former math teacher turned University of Oxford researcher, The Beans is available online and on iOS through the App Store.

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