The Unitē App: A Wellness App Bridging the Great Mental Health Gap

Bryan Kosarek and the Unitē team have joined the fight to address the mental health crisis in our nation head-on with the founding of the Unitē app.  A new wellness platform, Unitē is transforming the way people find support from stress and anxiety that come with life’s transitions, challenges, and aspirations. Bridging the gap between self-help and therapy, Unitē’s new social wellness feature uses two-minute podcast audio clips (while also allowing users to discover full podcast episodes and their creators!) that bring people together who are simply seeking additional support, through and around relevant content. A peer-to-peer support app based in/around community, individuals can discover, consume, and add to content curated by experts, and shared with other individuals on a similar growth and wellness path.

Wellness coaches, experts, content creators, and podcasters now have a centralized place to call home where individuals seeking wellness support from all walks of life, like underrepresented communities such as LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and AAPI, can gain access without fear of discrimination or bias. Turning community into a form of self-care, Mr. Kosarek knows first-hand the dangers of isolation, and the importance of community-based support as a queer startup founder himself.

In the challenging and complex world we’re currently living in it has never been more imperative to be self-aware, intentional, and establish a healthy support system. Life is ever-evolving and the constant that seems to be inevitable in today’s world is change. Although some changes positively impact our lives, other changes negatively impact our mental and emotional well-being. With government and the private sector prioritizing mental health post-COVID, a gap in the mental health space exists that’s leaving a large portion feeling isolated, vulnerable, and lacking proper support.

The Unitē app welcomes and encourages wellness experts and content creators, from a variety of backgrounds, to join the platform in collective effort to bring wellness support and healing in a new innovative way to prevent loneliness and hopelessness that has reached unprecedented levels. If you are a wellness content curator or expert and passionate about supporting individuals around life’s challenges, transitions, and aspirations, join our community of changemakers reimagining how wellness can start to better serve those who need and want it most. Visit to receive your app invite code and build your wellness collections for people to discover, connect, and grow with you. Social wellness on Unitē is free to join and offers users evolving content and a support network that grows as you do.

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