Yo-Kai Express to Showcase New Products and Menus at CES 2023

Yo-Kai Express, a Silicon Valley-based food tech company today announced it will unveil its YKE Desktop, a small form cooking machine using RFID (radio frequency identification) for on-demand ramen, at CES 2023. CES attendees will get to experience the new product in action and taste new menus at Booth 53114, Venetian Expo Tech West, from January 5-8.

New Product Positioned to Prepare and Service Ramen in Smaller Spaces

Yo-Kai Express is an innovative autonomous restaurant platform that serves contactless, freshly prepared meals with over 20 menu varieties 24 hours a day. The newest machine in the line-up of unique cooking technology creates hot ramen noodles on-demand, just like those served at street-side restaurants. Perfect for small spaces with space restrictions, the new YKE Desktop is a semi-automatic cooking machine that can prepare ramen in 90 seconds and is perfect for smaller locations. The machine is paired with an RFID freezer able to store 20-24 bowls.

New Partnerships Bring New Menus, Available to Taste for the First Time at CES

For the first time ever, visitors to CES will be able to sample new meals made by Yo-Kai’s machines. Visitors to the booth will be treated to a sneak peek (and taste) of a new menu from JINYA Ramen Bar, one of the largest ramen chains in the US, ahead of the public launch in February 2023. There will be four menu options: Tonkotsu Ramen, Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen, Vegan Ramen, and Spicy Chicken Paitan Ramen. Also available for tasting will be current fan favorite, the healthy, non-GMO plant-based Korean Galbi rice bowl by Pulmuone foods, a leading global Korean food provider.

“We are pleased to debut our new product : Yo-Kai Desktop, the new terminal with a smaller form factor, which can be installed anywhere – remote office, gas station, convenience stores, co-working space,” said Andy Lin, founder and CEO of Yo-Kai Express. “It’s a semi-automated machine that provides our customers more flexibility. In addition, we are thrilled to partner with well-established restaurateurs on the Yo-Kai global platform to expand their presence in the market.”

New App Will Enable Remote Ordering

In addition, the company will preview its consumer-facing app that enables customers to use their phones to place orders remotely, as well as earn loyalty points, discounts, and rewards. The app is expected to launch in the Spring of 2023.

About Yo-Kai Express Inc.

Yo-Kai Express (YKE) is a rapidly growing global food tech startup with offices in Northern California, Japan, and Taiwan. YKE is redefining gourmet autonomous restaurant solutions using patented technology that performs last-mile cooking of an array of both hot and cold, savory and sweet menu selections. YKE first launched the robotic platform, built for high-traffic areas such as airports and ski resorts, offering steaming hot bowls of Tonkotsu ramen 24 hours a day and in under a minute. For more information, visit


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