AI Avatar by Reface turns selfies into hyperrealistic art

Within two years of the Reface app’s launch, more than 250 million users worldwide have experienced its face-swap technology and created over 6 billion pieces of personalized synthetic content. We continue to democratize advanced ML technologies for a broad audience of users and have launched the AI Avatar tool for generating artwork-like portraits on smartphones.

AI Avatar allows the creation of hyper-realistic avatars within the mobile app based on a minimum number of photos and for the lowest price of computation possible on the market. AI Avatar is launched in the Reface app and is available to all users on iOS and Android platforms.

To launch AI Avatar, we enhanced a generative AI model based on the open-source image synthesizer and boosted it with our face swap technology. The new tool allows users to generate a dozen ready-made art styles — from superheroes and anime characters to cyberpunk and medieval themes. It works equally well on human faces of all races, genders, and ages.

The user needs to upload 10 portrait photos taken from different angles and choose the desired art style. Within 40-60 minutes, the tool will generate 48 ready-made unique artworks (three attempts of 16 pieces each). The cost of using the tool is $5.99 for each iteration.

“We are entering a new era of digital art powered by Generative AI. Now everyone who once dreamed of a personal photo shoot will receive inspiring AI portraits in any style. People can try on any image and reveal new sides of their personalities thanks to AI art, while artists can express their vision through new technological tools.” Dima Shvets, CEO Reface.

Reface understands the responsibility that comes with processing users’ photo portraits and takes care of the privacy and security of user data. We keep photos uploaded by users for less than 48 hours, and each collection of results will be stored for 30 days to be available for download. After that, we delete all user data.

Reface is a Ukrainian startup that empowers people to express themselves in the digital world using cutting-edge AI/ML technologies. The Reface app started as a face-swap app and hit #1 in the App Store soon after its release and was listed among the best apps of 2020 by Google Play. Celebrities including Elon Musk, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg shared refaced videos.


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