DOSS Releases Their Own Proprietary Voice for their Real Estate Intelligent Assistant

DOSS is a real estate technology company who is building an end-to-end digital real estate marketplace via an intelligent personal assistant for all things home. Leveraging everything that Artificial Intelligence has to offer, the team at DOSS wants to empower Consumers, Real Estate Practitioners, and Service Providers by making instant connections and providing instant answers to help people make better decisions before, during, and after they buy or sell a home. A next era digital real estate marketplace whose objective is to better centralize, democratize, and humanize big data in the most data rich industry on the planet, DOSS wants to improve how people search, service, and transact real estate.

After synthesizing and perfecting it for over a year, DOSS has released their very own proprietary voice for their digital real estate intelligent assistant. The team often describes their new voice as sounding like Morgan Freeman, playing Batman, with a British accent. CLICK HERE to listen to their promo of the voice to learn more about DOSS, and what they have planned for 2023. DOSS participated in the 2021 Google for Startups Cohort. Still working closely with the Google for Startups and Google Cloud Team, the Dev Team at DOSS went through a methodical process that required hours of studio time and re-recordings to create the perfect end result. The first of many distinctive voices, DOSS plans to add a variety of options that makes the experience more engaging and memorable while using their application.

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