Announcing the launch of KIKI World

Redefining the future of beauty, the KIKI platform is disrupting the current industry model by empowering anyone to help create the products they want, not what they’re told they need. Driven by a desire for self-expression, KIKI leverages emerging technology to create products reflecting society’s growing desire for endless expression online and in the real world. KIKI shifts the power paradigm from top-down trend creation to customer-powered experiences, turning consumers into co-creators by giving them a say in every product released.

Entirely community-driven, KIKI’s core membership platform outlines new principles for consumer commerce by rewarding creativity, participation, and customer advocacy. Launching with Pretty Nail Graffiti™ on May 16th, a unique peel-off nail polish, members can vote on what color nail polish KIKI produces. KIKI products come in custom aluminum components built on a fully circular supply chain and are embedded with NFC chips that allow users to earn rewards each time they use them. Additionally, members will be able to vote on what product KIKI launches next, creating an entirely demand-driven value chain that, for the first time, accurately reflects what customers want. Every member will be able to claim a KIKI World Pass, which acts as a virtual membership card built on Ethereum, in addition to platform rewards like exclusive product perks, insider access, and member-only loyalty points. The KIKI World Pass is an on-ramp to the world of web3 and the first step towards a world where customers have a true stake in the products they help create and take more control of their data and identity online.

“Beauty brands are standing on the shoulders of customer recommendations and the creator economy, we wanted to build a world in which both customers and creators can become true co-owners of the beauty brand’s success – voting, initially off-chain and KIKI World Pass are the first steps on a journey to build a more exciting first principle model for the future of beauty as an expressive category with, not for its stakeholders” said Jana Bobosikova, Co-Founder and CEO of KIKI. “Our platform provides a revolutionary approach to product development, putting the user at the center of the equation. We look to transform the beauty industry by putting customers first, rewarding them as true co-creators, and rewriting the protocol of value for lifestyle brands”, said Co-Founders Brendon Garner and Ricky Chan.

A fun and intentionally-designed twist on a beauty staple, KIKI’s inaugural product, Pretty Nail Graffiti™, is an easy-to-use water-based, peelable nail polish that allows anyone to switch up their nail color whenever, wherever. Packaged in a refillable, airless smartpen, users can easily pair their product with their account to effortlessly earn points with every use.

Pretty Nail Graffiti™ retails from $29 and will launch for pre-order on May 16th on


KIKI is a community-driven beauty platform that’s breaking the rules of beauty by giving anyone the opportunity to help create the products they want and get rewarded for their contributions. KIKI founders came together after spending over a decade developing products and creating brands in the beauty industry. Building on our mission to give power to the passionate, KIKI’s product co-creation platform empowers our community to co-create and co-own products and attributes they want to see come to life. KIKI is backed by leading tech and consumer investors, including a16z Crypto Startup School, Red DAO, Double Down, FirstLight, 2 Punks Capital and others.

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