BlissDivorce® Announces Free Access For Couples Looking To Divorce Without Attorneys

Silicon Valley-based legal tech startup, Resolution 8 Technologies, the maker of BlissDivorce®, announces today the completion of its proprietary online platform, along with free access for those looking to divorce without attorneys. BlissDivorce’s Digital Divorce Mediation™ technology helps couples navigate the entire divorce process and reach a complete agreement, even with complicated issues like division of financial assets, child custody and visitation, and alimony. While divorces typically take 12-15 months, with BlissDivorce the process averages only 2.5 to 3.5 months.

“Reaching an agreement without the cost and conflict of going to court is almost always the best option,” said Randall Kessler, a nationally-recognized family law attorney and co-founder of BlissDivorce. “BlissDivorce empowers couples to resolve disagreements and reach a full divorce settlement without having to fight things out in court. It can save families thousands of dollars and months of pain. It’s an exciting new option for families in the unfortunate situation of facing divorce.”

Traditionally divorce has been a long, drawn-out process that is stressful and damaging to families. An Ohio State study found divorce destroys 77% of family wealth. Unfortunately, online alternatives have had limited capabilities, with no way to resolve the many disputes that arise in divorce.

With the completion of its platform, including the addition of child custody and child/spousal support modules, BlissDivorce with Digital Divorce Mediation is now the only online platform couples can use to handle all aspects of a their divorce, including dispute resolution.

“With BlissDivorce couples have a new option to work out their disagreements and prepare a comprehensive divorce settlement from the convenience of their own computers,” said Scott Seidewitz, CEO of BlissDivorce. “To make this option available to as many families as possible we’re proud to announce free access to our platform. Now you can use BlissDivorce to do all required disclosures and work out your full divorce settlement, and only pay when you’re ready for us to prepare your divorce paperwork.”

BlissDivorce is currently available in California, with plans to expand into additional states starting in 2024. The platform has handled cases with assets of as much as $3.5 million and has a 100% success rate in helping couples resolve disagreements and reach a full divorce settlement.

About BlissDivorce®:

BlissDivorce® helps couples get divorced without heartaches, headaches or attorneys. Our patent-pending Digital Divorce Mediation™ technology helps couples reach a complete divorce agreement without the conflict and high cost of attorneys. The BlissDivorce DIY online platform handles divorces from beginning to end, including the preparation and filing of all required paperwork. BlissDivorce is available in California, with plans to expand nationally. For more information, visit

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