Balto Rx–a Healthcare Startup Breaking Barriers to Medications Access Through Disruptive Digital Delivery Tools–is Offering SAFE Securities Through Regulation Crowdfunding (REG-CF)

As an investor, you have many options to invest. The digital logistics sector has been one of the most sought-after investment markets due to exponential growth in technological advancements. Balto Rx is capitalizing on this trend by revolutionizing medication delivery services using our digital platform, called Balto Intelligent Platform (BIP). The BIP provides user-friendly tools to help all pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and patients get their prescriptions delivered to their home within hours. Additionally, Balto Rx is the only home delivery company that provides pharmacist-patient video consultation in real-time and complete tracking of orders. If you believe in medication accessibility and want to grow your investment portfolio in digital logistics, then choose Balto Rx – investing in us is an investment for good. Invest Now.

Innovative solutions:

According to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services) up to 30% of patients do not have access to their medications. Due to the increased cost of healthcare over the last decade in the United States, there are decreased rates of medication adherence. This results in billions of dollars in lost revenue. Invest Now.

As one of the 130 million adults in America who has been diagnosed with Diabetes, I understand how crucial medications can be in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We strive to be patient-centric and increase access to the millions of people who are impacted by all chronic illnesses and health challenges. Invest Now.

How big is the revenue opportunity?

Timely prescription delivery is the cornerstone of an effective healthcare infrastructure. With approximately 70,000 pharmacies in the US, prescription delivery services are set to experience a significant growth of 17.8% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2022 to 2029. Ultimately, prescription delivery services market sales will reach a value in the range of $500+ millions by 2029.

Statistics show over 5+ billion medical prescriptions were dispensed in the US in 2020, and that number is increasing every year. Less than 1% of those 5+ billion prescriptions were delivered, which leaves a 99% open market for prescription delivery. Balto Rx is filling this gap with various delivery models that provide prescription deliveries within hours. Currently, Balto Rx has delivered 30,000+ prescriptions and counting. We are estimating over $100M revenue in the next decade. Invest Now.

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