California Growers Signal Commitment to Water Sustainability Via Irrigation Startup Lumo

Lumo [], an Agtech company focused on water sustainability through the development of smart valve and irrigation technology announced today that it has opened its early access program for 2023.

Lumo intends on manufacturing 250 smart valves in 2023, which will provide growers with automation, precision, and accountability surrounding their irrigation systems. Participating companies who join the early access program receive many benefits, including:

  • Priority access and right of first refusal from the first production run of Lumo smart valves
  • A Customer Advisory Board (CAB) seat with the option to participate in quarterly workshops to share feature requests and provide feedback that will influence Lumo’s product roadmap
  • 24/7 on-site support services
  • A lifetime hardware guarantee

Prominent wine producers Clos du Val, Bohème, Price Family, Field Vineyards and Pine Ridge Vineyards(a Crimson Group brand which recently earned International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) Silver Membership),  have all signalled their commitment to water sustainability by reserving early access to Lumo and will be among a select group of early adopters to deploy the smart valve system in their vineyards.

“At Clos du Val, we place a lot of emphasis on innovation, efficiency and sustainability” says Ryan Decker, Viticulture and Grower Relations Manager at Clos du Val. “That’s why we’re impressed with Lumo and its goal of transforming the agricultural industry by creating a solution which will optimize water usage for commercial growers like us.”

Price Family plans on deploying Lumo throughout their infamous Gap’s Crown vineyard. “We are inspired by what Lumo is making possible and look forward to broadly implementing their technologies in our vineyard operations” says Rob Harris, General Manager, Price Family Vineyards & Estates.

Lumo has raised $2.1 million in pre-seed funding and is currently commercializing its smart irrigation technology. The system offers a first of its kind wireless, smart water valve network that will enable growers to optimize water usage to improve crop quality and reduce overhead costs. Presently, a number of Lumo’s smart valves are being tested in vineyards and orchards in Sonoma and Napa Counties in California.

To inquire about Lumo’s early access program, visit or email  [email protected].

About Lumo

Lumo is a smart irrigation solution that helps growers save water, improve crop quality and reduce costs. Smart valves with built-in sensors provide automation, accountability and digital record keeping to give growers unprecedented visibility into the health of their irrigation network. Learn more by visiting

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