Empowering Femininity: The Rise of Women-Centric Startups in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Finest: Companies Shaping the Future of Women’s Innovations

1. Caria

An AI Touch to Women’s Health

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    Caria leverages artificial intelligence to deliver a comprehensive platform dedicated to women’s health, marking a new era in personalized healthcare solutions.

2. Microgenesis

Revitalizing Women’s Fertility Potential

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    With groundbreaking fertility tests and treatments, Microgenesis brings new hope to women worldwide, ensuring no one is left behind in their fertility journey.

3. Triwi Technologies

Wearable Tech Meets Lingerie

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    Pushing boundaries in the world of tech wearables, Triwi Technologies introduces the smart bra, blending fashion with functionality.

4. Ananya Health

Guarding Against Cervical Pre-Cancer

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    Ananya Health pioneers a medical device specifically designed for the early treatment and prevention of cervical pre-cancer, emphasizing proactive health management.

5. Topknot

Peer-driven Personal Growth Platform

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    Offering a unique twist to life coaching, Topknot connects peers for structured conversations, facilitating authentic personal development.

6. Wisp

Telehealth Tailored for Women

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    Wisp specializes in offering women-centric solutions for sexual and reproductive health via telehealth, bridging the accessibility gap.

7. My.Flow

Empowering Women, One Cycle at a Time

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    My.Flow takes menstrual tracking to the next level with its innovative tampon monitor, making periods a little more predictable.

8. RedThread

Custom Clothing for Every Woman

  • Website:
    RedThread is reshaping the fashion industry by providing custom-fit clothing that celebrates every woman’s unique shape.

9. Opionato

Your Digital Conception Companion

  • Website:
    Democratizing access to conception advice, Opionato is the friend everyone wishes they had during their conception journey.

10. Quim

Embracing Plant-based Intimate Care

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    Promoting a holistic approach to vaginal health, Quim offers a range of plant-based products tailored for intimate self-care.

11. ShineTogether

Celebrating & Uplifting Women Daily

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    ShineTogether stands as a beacon, celebrating women’s daily impact while forging measurable opportunities for their growth.


Women-Led IT Solutions

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    A trailblazer in the IT realm, MERIDIAN REMOTE TEAMS, a woman-owned company, offers everything from data entry to virtual assistant services.


Smart Solutions for Period Products

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    Breaking barriers in menstrual care, Kaali introduces smart IoT dispensers providing free tampons and pads for those in need.

14. Tara&Co

Fusing Fashion with Female Empowerment

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    Tara&Co brings forth a fashion platform dedicated to the modern woman, encapsulating style, functionality, and empowerment.

15. Stella Nova Psychology

Holistic Healing for Women

  • Website:
    Stella Nova Psychology stands as a sanctuary for women, providing specialized treatments for chronic pain, trauma, and stress, promoting overall well-being.

San Francisco’s vibrant startup ecosystem continues to thrive with these exemplary women-centric companies leading the charge, advocating for the needs and well-being of women everywhere. The future, it seems, is not only tech-driven but also women-empowered.

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