The 3D Printing Revolutionaries of San Francisco

Crafting the Future: How 15 SF Companies Are Reshaping the 3D Printing Landscape

Prellis Biologics
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Bringing a futuristic touch to medicine, Prellis Biologics merges holographic tissue printing technology with human antibody discovery. Their advanced models promise groundbreaking medical discoveries and applications.

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Stepping up the 3D printing game, Origin delivers an additive manufacturing platform tailored for mass production. They’re pushing the boundaries of what additive manufacturing can achieve at scale.

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Blending art with technology, Gantri stands as a creative platform where design meets functionality. Their products are not only innovative but are aesthetic masterpieces.

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Wazer introduces a unique twist to the industry with its desktop waterjet digital cutting device. This tool revolutionizes the design and manufacturing process, making precision cutting more accessible.

Schematic Ventures
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Venturing into the future, Schematic Ventures invests in the industrial technology sector’s next big things. Their focus on the 3D printing industry is testament to the sector’s burgeoning potential.

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Offering rapid prototyping and manufacturing services, Make is the go-to for businesses seeking quick and efficient 3D printed solutions.

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Diving into the mobile realm, KiraKira3D introduces the first 3D modeling mobile application. Now, crafting 3D designs is just a tap away!

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Streamlining the print-on-demand market, ShopBase offers comprehensive solutions for businesses, making merchandise creation easier and more efficient.

Alexander Wong, Inc.
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Merging luxury with technology, Alexander Wong stands as the epitome of high-end, luxury wearables and electronics. Their products are a blend of elegance and cutting-edge tech.

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A true testament to the potential of 3D printing, Kodama leads with innovative 3D printing technologies that are reshaping industries.

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Healthcare meets 3D printing at 3DHEALS. Their dedication to advancing medical solutions through 3D printing offers hope for breakthroughs in patient care.

Quantum_AI Group Of Companies
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An umbrella to 14 unique companies, Quantum_AI Group dives deep into the potential of 3D printing across varied sectors, ensuring innovation at every step.

Maker Studio SF
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A haven for creators, Maker Studio SF provides a collaborative space where fashion, technology, and engineering intersect, giving birth to unique projects.

Far Fetched Creations
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Where imagination meets reality, Far Fetched Creations specializes in crafting unique custom pieces, showcasing the potential of combined 3D printing and manufacturing.

Radiance 4D
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Speeding up the 3D printing process, Radiance 4D’s technology promises faster volume printing, ensuring efficiency without compromising on quality.

San Francisco’s 3D printing scene is thriving with these revolutionary companies at its helm. Each one holds a unique promise for the future, proving that the city remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

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