San Diego’s Fashion Frontier: 15 Startups Redefining the Industry

Discover the brilliant minds and trendsetting companies paving the way in San Diego’s flourishing fashion scene.

1. VOLO Beauty

  • Website: VOLO Beauty
  • Description: Pioneering the beauty tech world, VOLO Beauty is making strides with its innovative hair technology, ensuring that users always stay ahead in the style game.

2. Clearstem Skincare

  • Website: Clearstem Skincare
  • Description: Embrace the power of pure, non-toxic skincare with Clearstem. Their products not only combat the signs of acne but also aging, providing a holistic skincare experience.

3. MoxieLash

  • Website: MoxieLash
  • Description: Transform your eyes with MoxieLash. With their groundbreaking magnetic eyeliner, they’re setting new standards for the eyelash industry.

4. Patara

  • Website: Patara
  • Description: Redefining casual footwear, Patara is the next big name in comfy yet chic shoes. Walk in style and confidence!

5. Ronin Factory

  • Website: Ronin Factory
  • Description: Your one-stop shop for lifestyle and apparel, Ronin Factory offers a range that resonates with the modern individual.


  • Website: JIV ATHLETICS
  • Description: JIV ATHLETICS understands the unique needs of active women. Dive into their collection of athletic undergarments tailored just for you.

7. Pali Roots

  • Website: Pali Roots
  • Description: From caps and jewelry to unique face masks, Pali Roots provides a diverse array of products that reflect authenticity and style.

8. Clout Collection

  • Website: Clout Collection
  • Description: Immerse yourself in the world of streetwear with Clout Collection. Their range of clothing speaks the language of the streets.

9. Set & Stones

  • Website: Set & Stones
  • Description: Every piece tells a story. Set & Stones curates jewelry that resonates with the essence of womanhood.

10. Angel Shave Club

  • Website: Angel Shave Club
  • Description: Empowering women with the first online boutique shave club. Experience shaving like never before!

11. Sticker Guru

  • Website: Sticker Guru
  • Description: Elevate everyday objects with a touch of creativity. Sticker Guru brings a vast collection of stickers and stationery accessories.

12. MixoModa

  • Website: MixoModa
  • Description: Personalized fashion recommendations are just a click away with MixoModa. Retailers can now cater to individual styles with precision.


  • Website:
  • Description: Dive into a world of luxury with They offer an expansive range of products without compromising on quality or price.

14. PamperedUp

  • Website: PamperedUp
  • Description: Indulge in opulence. PamperedUp bridges the gap, bringing services like in-home massages and private chefs to your doorstep.

15. Spruced AI

  • Website: Spruced AI
  • Description: Harnessing the power of AI, Spruced AI provides fashion retailers with smart recommendations, aligning with customers’ wardrobes and preferences.

San Diego’s fashion scene is thriving, thanks to these 15 startups. From beauty tech innovations to AI-driven fashion solutions, the future of fashion is bright in this Californian haven.

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